What Would You Do? Read Accommodation Point: What Would You Do? pages 38 and 54 Scenario 1: You are the aboriginal being to access in your classroom and as you sit bottomward you apprehension an iPod on the attic beneath the adjoining seat. You aces it up and about-face it on. It works accomplished and alike has some of your admired music listed. You apprehend that you are the alone one in the allowance and no one will apperceive if you accumulate it. You see another acceptance entering the allowance so you abode the iPod on the attic abutting to your belonging. You will accept the accomplished chic aeon to adjudge what to do. Scenario 2: Instead of award the iPod, you are a acquaintance who sits abutting to the being who finds it. As chic begins, your acquaintance leans over and asks your admonition about what to do. Scenario 3: You are now a apprentice adumbrative on the administrative lath at school. The apprentice who kept the iPod is accused of stealing. How would you accomplish the accommodation about the situation? Write an APA appearance cardboard discussing the afterward questions accompanying to the aloft scenarios: What are the key facts that you should accede afore authoritative a decision, as either the being who apparent the iPod, the friend, or the administrative lath member? Is this an ethical issue? What absolutely are the ethical aspects complex in your decision? Who abroad is involved, or should be involved, in this decision? Who has a pale in the outcome? What alternatives are accessible to you? What are the after-effects of anniversary alternative? How would anniversary of your alternatives affect the another bodies you accept articular as accepting a pale in the outcome? Where ability you attending for added advice to abetment you in absolute this accurate dilemma? Provide 3-5 APA appearance references both inline and at the end of the cardboard to abutment your analysis. Please address in 3rd person. Note: This is your befalling to authenticate your ability of the week’s approach affiliated to claimed assessment and alfresco evidence. Your cardboard should reflect bookish autograph and accepted APA standards. Please accommodate citations to abutment your ideas. NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!!!!

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