Eth/316 Community Profile Comparison

Community Profile Comparison Responsibilities of the Alone to the Association No amount who you are or area you live, we are all allotment of a bigger community. As an individual, we are still allotment of a ancestors be it big or small. We all are someone's acquaintance in a tribe, village, city, county, state, region, country and the apple which makes us inherently amenable to anniversary other. At the aforementioned time, abounding animal abeyant cannot be accomplished if individuality is suppressed by society, First and foremost, the duties of anniversary alone aural any association are cooperation, respect, and participation. An alone charge anticipate above themselves and consistently be acute that they are aloof a allotment of a beyond attentively alike if the individuals in that attentively accept altered beliefs, religions, or interests. In all chargeless societies, there is a connected attempt amid alone rights and alone responsibilities. According to the U. S. Department of State, every Alone appropriate has a agnate assignment to the association and the basal band is that all accept the albatross of the alone to watch over others in a association to accomplish abiding that accepted ste standards are cold are acquired and that they are benign to all. According to John B. Cobb, Jr., Ph. D. who is Professor of Theology Emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology, " In a community, the abstraction of the accepted acceptable takes on a far richer acceptation than in a association accepted as founded alone on a bunched and fabricated up of diminutive individuals. Because the acceptable of anniversary is apprenticed up with the acceptable of others, we can accede which changes in association as a accomplished cabal to the acceptable of those who participate in it. " If you accept or not to be a allotment of a community, we still accept the aforementioned obligations to the association of which we are apart. Albatross of the Association to the Alone Defining Social Albatross aural the Association Conclusion. References Princeton, NJ Livability Score. (2012). 2012. (2010).  U. S. Accompaniment Demography Bureau. (2010). http://quickfacts. census. gov/qfd/states/34000.html Cobb, J. B Jr. (2011) http://www.religion-online. org/showarticle.asp? title=3351

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