1. What is the above accommodation adverse CCM? What is the timeline or arrangement of contest arch up to the decision? 2. What is your appraisal of the alien environment, industry, and competition? 3. What is the position of CCM in the marketplace? What is your appraisal of the new artefact development” ancestor and bazaar testing” action acclimated by CCM? 4. In ablaze of the barter and their behavior, and your antecedent analysis, how would you position the U+ Pro skate in the marketplace? 5. What recommendations would you accomplish to CCM apropos the beheading of their barrage action for the U+ Pro? Notes The above accommodation that CCM faces is one that involves the development of an able artefact barrage action which will accession the sales for the re-launch of CCM’s U+ Pro skate. This has been due to the actuality that ‘a cardinal of affection and business missteps had occurred back the bazaar accession of the U+ Pro skate two years earlier’. In accession to this, the hockey accessories industry has been adverse collapsed sales as of late. – Above accommodation •Skates accomplish up the better (34%) allocation of all-around hockey accessories bazaar by category, followed by sticks – Exhibit 2. •Key competitors are: Reebok-CCM Hockey, Bauer Hockey, Easton, and Graf. Antagonism in the industry •The industry was an big-ticket industry in allegory to alternative action accessories industries like soccer. – Threat of substitutes aerial •The consumers of hockey accessories accord in mid-high assets brackets, and absorb absolutely a bit of money per annum for equipment. Hence, afterwards they buy the equipment, they tend to stick to it and try to abstain repurchasing. – Aerial ability of buyers •Had array of administration channels aural the industry. Among them the absolute retailers had the best ability and attitude associated with affairs hockey equipment. In addition, they are allotment of affairs groups that advance beyond the country in Canada. •3 customer segments: oPersonal Expression and Achievement accumulation (49%): anxious with image, artefact and claimed performance, cast acceptability and cast popularity. Appetite a cast that reflects appearance and personality. Price was not a barrier. Responds able-bodied to NHL endorsements. oSmart performers (45%): rational accommodation makers who accede both amount and artefact achievement back authoritative a purchase. They appetite accessories to advice them beat the antagonism while blockage aural a budget. Didn’t affliction about NHL endorsements. oPrice Conscious Consumers (...

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