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MLA STYLE WITH CITATION EACH QUESTION 750-800 TOTAL 6PAGES   DUE06/23/2020 Answer both (2) of the afterward questions.  FOR EACH QUESTION, address 750-800 chat answer. Use the arbiter as your prime antecedent of affirmation and YOU MUST CITE PAGE NUMBERS FROM THE BOOK.  Outside sources are not permitted. If you don't cite, you can't acquire a casual brand on this exam. Essay Questions 1.) Assay and adverse how Native Americans were advised by two of the three above European colonies from their inceptions to the 1790s (you charge accept two from the Spanish, French, and English to assay and contrast). How would Native Americans call anniversary of the two colonies you accept chosen?  What important actual contest would they acknowledgment to assort their relationships with anniversary European power? In the end, who ability Native Americans say advised them best? Awning as abounding actual contest as you can to acknowledgment this question. However, amuse do not address as admitting you were an alone Native American. 2.) Call and assay the best important actual moments in the transformation of the English colonies from a accumulating of loyal colonists to American Revolutionaries. You charge not - and cannot - awning every transformative moment, but the moments you accept should be determinative in the development from antecedents to nation. During this development, how were the definitions of English ideals, such as liberty, freedom, equality, citizenship, and voting, afflicted and reinterpreted in the American colonies over time? Awning at atomic three of those ethics and be abiding to accommodate a abbreviate altercation of the ethics you accept to awning in affiliation to the American Revolution and the agitation over the U.S. Constitution.

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