1. Essay-writing  Article The chat Article is authentic in "The Concise Oxford Dictionary" as "a arcane acceding (usually book and short) on any subject.“  It is a accounting acceding giving announcement to one's own claimed account or opinions on some topic; but the appellation usually covers additionally any accounting composition, whether it expresses claimed opinions, or gives advice on any accustomed subject, or capacity of a anecdotal or description. 2. Characteristics of Essay-writing  A acceptable article charge accommodate the afterward characteristics:  Accord  Order  Brevity  Appearance  Claimed Blow  An article charge be a unity, alleviative in an alike address of one subject; it should be concisely accounting and not too long, and the appearance should by simple, absolute and clear; and it should accept an individuality, or appearance the claimed blow of the writer. 3. Classification of Essay-Writing Essays may be classified as:  Anecdotal  Anecdotic  Critical  Cogitating  Imaginative 4. Classification of Essay- Writing(cont’d)  Narrative: In a anecdotal essay, the biographer tells a adventure about a real-life experience. While cogent a adventure may complete accessible to do, the anecdotal article challenges acceptance to anticipate and address about themselves. When autograph a anecdotal essay, writers should try to absorb the clairvoyant by authoritative the adventure as active as possible.  Descriptive: A anecdotic article paints a account with words. A biographer ability alarm a person, place, object, or alike anamnesis of appropriate significance. The anecdotic article strives to acquaint a added acceptation through the description. In a anecdotic essay, the biographer should appearance through the use of bright words and acoustic details. 5. Classification of Essay- Writing(cont’d)  Expository: In an critical essay, the biographer explains or defines a topic, application facts, statistics, and examples. Critical autograph encompasses a advanced ambit of article variations, such as the allegory and adverse essay, the account and aftereffect essay, and the “how to” or action essay.  Reflective: A cogitating article consists of reflections or thoughts on some topic, which is about of an abstruse nature; for example; (a) habits, qualities, (b) social, political and calm capacity (c) abstract subjects, (d) religious and apostolic topics. 6. Classification of Essay- Writing(cont’d)  Artistic :Essays on capacity such as the animosity and adventures of the sailor ashore on a arid island may be alleged artistic Essays. In such the biographer is alleged to abode himself in acuteness in a position of which he has had no absolute experience. Such capacity as "If I were a king," or "The adventures of a horse," would alarm for artistic essays. 7. Overview of Essay-Writing 8. How to address an able essay?  Every article has a beginning, a average and an end. In a 5 branch essay, the aboriginal branch is alleged the introduction. The abutting three paragraphs abide of the anatomy of the essay. The fifth and final branch is the conclusion. 9. Parts of an Article  Introduction: The addition branch is the aboriginal branch of your essay. Here you appearance the capital abstraction of your essay. It charge be absorbing to your clairvoyant and charge say why your affair is important. Aboriginal of all, address the thesis. The capital abstraction of the article is declared in a distinct book alleged the apriorism statement. Accommodate some accomplishments advice about your topic. You can use absorbing facts that you will use after in the essay.  The addition usually has three parts:  The angle (or affecting opener) consists of several sentences that cull the clairvoyant into the essay.  The capricious book connects the angle to the apriorism statement.  The apriorism account is one or two sentences that states the abstraction of the essay. 10. Parts of an Essay(cont’d) Hooks (dramatic openers) are acclimated to grab your reader’s absorption at the alpha of a branch or in a address or essay. The angle is generally a abbreviate book and is placed afore the affair sentence.  Capricious book Alteration sentences are basal accessories for essays, affidavit or alternative arcane compositions. They advance the access and transitions amid sentences and paragraphs. They appropriately accord the argument a analytic alignment and structure. 11. Parts of an Essay(cont’d)  Apriorism account  A actual basal apriorism account is one or two sentences at the end of the aboriginal branch that tells the clairvoyant the capital abstraction of your essay.  A apriorism account should do these three things: It should acutely authentic what the article is about. It should accomplish a discussible point. It should announce the anatomy of the essay. 12. Parts of an Essay(cont’d)  Anatomy of the Article (Supporting Paragraphs):They accomplish the anatomy of your work. They advance the capital abstraction of your essay. To affix your acknowledging paragraphs, you should use appropriate alteration words. Alteration words articulation your paragraphs calm and accomplish your article easier to read. Use them at the alpha and end of your paragraphs.  Each branch in the anatomy of the article contains the afterward sentences: TOPIC SENTENCE: This book tells the clairvoyant what the branch is activity to be about. DETAIL SENTENCE: Your branch can accept abounding detail sentences. The detail book tells your clairvoyant a little added about your topic. Each detail book charge accommodate an EXAMPLE. CONCLUDING/TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: This book wraps up what you accept already told the readers and gets them accessible for the abutting paragraph. 13. Parts of an Essay(cont’d)  Cessation (The End):This allotment contains the abstracts and findings. Proves that the affair appear at the alpha of the article is absolutely disclosed. Necessarily authentic your claimed assessment about the assignment done.  The absolute branch about has two parts: i. The arbitrary account is one or two sentences which recapitulate the apriorism in a beginning way to reinforce the essay's capital idea. ii. The blow is a final anticipation which should actualize a abiding consequence on the reader. It is additionally referred to as the closer, is your aftermost befalling to affix with the reader. 14. Afterlight  Afterlight is absolutely article a acceptable biographer does throughout the autograph process. Afterlight does not beggarly "recopying" what you've already written. Afterlight agency authoritative changes to the agreeable of the cardboard so that every word, sentence, and branch makes faculty to the reader.  Three areas in authentic to appraise as you accede how to advance the agreeable and appearance of your article are as follows: o Clarity: Is the article acutely and logically written? o Unity: Do all the paragraphs chronicle to the axial idea? o Coherence: Do the account breeze smoothly? 15. Proofreading  Proof account is altered from revision. Whereas afterlight focuses on convalescent the agreeable of the essay, proofreading deals with acquainted and acclimation errors or punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar.  PROOF READING CHECKLIST  Accept all bits and run-on sentences been eliminated?  Does the article use actual paragraphing and indentation?  Is there acceding amid capacity and verbs?  Are pronoun references clear?  Has actual verb close been acclimated accurately and consistently?  Accept commas, apostrophes, and semicolons been acclimated correctly?  Accept words been capitalized correctly?  Are there any sentences that could be accumulated to accommodate book variety?  Does the article appearance absorbing and authentic chat choice?  Has a concordance or spellchecker been acclimated to actual spelling errors? 16. References     center/writing/essays/different-kinds-of-essays.html write-a-good-essay 

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