Essay Summary of Promoting health and well-being

Health and able-bodied actuality can beggarly altered things to altered people. Bloom and able-bodied actuality can be declared in altered agency like: The achievements and aliment of concrete fettle and brainy stability. This is a absolute analogue of bloom and well-being. The absence of concrete affliction and ache and brainy ache is a abrogating analogue of bloom and well-being. The holistic analogue of bloom and abundance is the aggregate of Physical, Intellectual, Affecting and Amusing health. I anticipate bloom and abundance agency actuality able to run a mile because if you can't run a mile you are not healthy. You ability not exercise consistently so you are not healthy. I anticipate hardly anytime action to the doctor agency that you are not advantageous because you don't now if you accept any diseases and you don't apperceive if you are ill so you accept to go to the doctor. I anticipate to be advantageous you will charge to accept a acceptable figure, charge to go to the doctors consistently and accomplishing exercise regularly. Concrete needs are all about our anatomy working. Everyone's anatomy is altered and we charge all our beef to assignment because we charge to do assertive things at assertive at time like action to the gym regularly. There are assertive concrete needs every one needs like food, water, shelter, warmth, clothing, rest. If we didn't accept theses things our anatomy wouldn't assignment the way appetite it to work. Bookish needs are the things that accumulate our academician alive like education, brainy dispatch and employment. If our minds or academician does not assignment regularly, this will affect our health. A disabled actuality will accept a botheration on acquirements new things. Affecting needs are all about bodies actuality loved, admired and secure. Read additionally Six Dimensions of Bloom Worksheet People charge to feel, recognise and accurate their altered affections to cope with bearings in their action like: back you abatement in adulation and again get married, you acquisition out that your accomplice is accepting an affair, you charge to be able to get over it. Amusing needs are those that accomplish us acclimate to ambiance like authoritative new mates. You charge these because it will affect your health. This can accommodate you accepting a accord with some one. You charge to adore your cocky because this can affect your health. http://www. european-quality. co. uk This is a account of Maslow's bureaucracy of needs. It shows things that a actuality will charge in action to survive and it shows what a actuality that ability not charge as abundant as alternative things The triangle shows important needs at the basal and complicated needs at the top. The triangle is set like this because it is assuming the things we charge in action to survive like food, alcohol and etc. this is apparent at the bottom. At the top it is assuming what we don't charge in action to survive like self-actualisation. This is the complicated charge of a actuality in life. There is a table that is assuming action stages from boyhood to afterwards developed hood. Boyhood age-old about 0 to 3 years Adolescent awning age-old about 4 to 10 years Adolescence age-old about 11 to 18 years Developed awning age-old about 19 to 65 years Afterwards developed awning age-old about 65+ years People's bloom will change during action at Boyhood and adolescent hood. At this age the adolescent will charge advice action round. The babyish will charge advice to sleep. It needs attention and the babyish will cry for food. This is a concrete charge of child. The babyish will apprentice how to comedy with toys. How to acquaint with others. The babyish will alpha alert to music. The parents will charge to advise the adolescent to apprehend by account bedtime story. This is an bookish charge of a child. The babyish will charge adulation and affliction from parents. This is an affecting charge of a child. The babyish will charge to accomplish new accompany and will charge to go to nursery. This is a amusing charge of a child. At boyhood peoples bloom change dramatically. This actuality will alpha action on to sports like running, gymnastic. The actuality will become convalescent and will accept a acceptable diet. Some times the actuality will accept a bad diet so he or she will be not healthy. This is the person's concrete charge of a person. There hormones will be high! This actuality will go to academy to be educated. He or she will apprentice new skills. They will apprentice how to comedy amateur like jigsaw, chest. This is the bookish charge of adolescence. Boyhood will alpha to accept what hormones are and will alpha to advance it. He or she will brilliant to accept accord with the adverse sex (male or female). This is an affecting charge of a child. These teenagers will alpha authoritative mates. He or she will alpha to go out with mates. It will brilliant accomplishing action (hobbies). It ability go to clubs. This is a amusing charge of a child. A disabled person's action will change badly like he or she ability balance the disability. If the actuality is disabled he or she will charge altered types of health. This depends on how the he or she is disabled. The disabled ability charge advice like: how to walk, accessibility such as lifts, needs abeyant help. Some disabled charge advice every time. He or she ability charge advice to go to the toilet (can't ascendancy bladder). This is concrete charge of a disabled person. The disabled actuality will charge to apprentice how to use a wheelchair. They ability charge to be educated. This is an bookish charge of a disabled person. The disabled will charge agency to accord with bullies like: bodies bedlam at them. It will charge adulation from parents, sisters, brothers and family. This is an affecting charge of a disabled person. A disabled actuality will charge advice accept difficult authoritative new mates because he altered to anybody about him. Abounding parents don't let their disabled accouchement out because he or she ability get absent or ability accept got into a action or ability accept done austere blow to themselves. This is a amusing charge of a disabled person. At developed awning it is a time to booty on roles of independence, lifestyles, marriage, and family. During developed awning bodies bloom changes because of abounding affidavit like: Physical, this is a time area we are our healthiest and will ability our aiguille performance. Intellectual, at developed hood, it will be harder to apprentice new things because our academician is acceptable weaker day by day. They can try to apprentice new things but this time it will be harder. They can apprentice to comedy amateur like: darts. Bodies go to academy at developed awning so they can get educated. Emotional, at developed awning bodies will become added emotional. Their hormones develop. They ability abatement in adulation with the adverse sex. They ability apart a affiliate of there family. Social, at developed awning bodies will go out added with mates. They ability go clubbing or they ability go to a band club. They will accept added confident. They will accomplish accompany easily. Some bodies ability acquisition authoritative accompany hard. This can be because he or she ability be shy. At afterwards developed awning bodies over the age of 65, bloom will change actual bound like he or she will retire. This agency they are actual old. Abounding earlier bodies alpha accomplishing things they accept not done back they were adolescent and back they were at work. They ability go on a vacation. They ability alpha to comedy some blazon of action like golf. Some earlier adults are not able to be as alive in their retirement as others because they are not as advantageous as they acclimated to be. They ability additionally apart their accomplice or a affiliate of his or her family. The accepted analogue of abrogating bloom and abundance is back addition thinks that bloom isn't injuries, affliction or disease. But this is a abrogating analogue of bloom and well-being. For example, David age-old 40, works in a air-conditioned market. He takes drugs like cocaine, cannabis, and abracadabra mushrooms. He thinks he is advantageous because the drugs accomplish him feel acceptable and boxy and he hasn't been ill for 15 years. His hasn't been for a analysis up and hasn't been to the doctor. He doesn't apperceive that he has lung blight and asthma. Rebecca age-old 20, works as a car instructor. She doesn't exercise regularly. She smokes because all her mates smoke. She thinks it is air-conditioned smoker so she doesn't go to her bounded doctor for analysis ups. She hasn't been there for 7 years. She thinks she is advantageous because she is angular and she is acceptable looking. This two are examples of abrogating bloom and well-being. The accepted analogue of absolute bloom and abundance is the accompaniment of complete physical, brainy and amusing abundance and not alone the absence of ache or infirmity. This agency if addition is not activity able-bodied he or she goes to the doctor and additionally has approved check-ups to ensure the anatomy stays healthy. For example: Tom age-old 30, works in hospital. He thinks he is advantageous because he goes to the gym every day for 3 hours. He brand weight appropriation because it makes his anatomy bigger. He isn't on medication and goes to doctors consistently for a ambit of checkups. He doesn't booty drugs. Tom has no illness. He additionally has a advantageous diet and goes out generally with his friends. Clair age-old 15 thinks she is bloom because she runs a mile every day and goes to the gym regularly. She brand demography gymnastic classes. She goes to a clandestine academy alleged Claiming College. In academy she has abutting abounding afterwards academy clubs like chess club, basketball and others. She goes to her GP consistently and she doesn't accept any dieses. Theses two are examples of absolute bloom and well-being. Here is the 1948 analogue of bloom and well-being: The Apple Bloom Organisation takes a added absolute appearance back it describes bloom as 'a accompaniment of complete physical, brainy and amusing abundance and not alone the absence of dieses of infirmity' (WHO, 1946) Here is the contempo analogue of bloom and well-being: The added up to date apple bloom organisation analogue of bloom is "the admeasurement to which an alone or accumulation is able, on the one hand, to realise aspirations and amuse needs and, on the alternative hand, to change or cope with the environment. The afterwards analogue of bloom and abundance is better. This is because the old adaptation does not accommodate the bloom change day to day but it includes the contempo analogue of bloom and well-being. In the 1948 analogue of bloom and abundance it doesn't say annihilation about action stages changes every day but it mentions about the brainy and concrete health. The acceptation of holistic bloom is, back a actuality refers to (P. I. E. S) physical, intellectual, affecting and social. For archetype aggregate and anybody about us and affect our health. We charge to be able for any claiming in life. Here are some examples: Samantha age-old 20, works as a alternation aqueduct is consistently attractive at all her aspects of her action like: Physical: She consistently goes to the gym because she brand to be fit and healthy. She is consistently bistro healthily. She goes to doctors for approved checkups. Samantha goes jogging every morning. Intellectual: she is consistently cerebration on how she can advance her life. She goes to academy so she can be accomplished and she is acquirements how to drive a car. She has started to comedy amateur like chess and monopoly. She has started arena for the girl's bassinet brawl team. Emotional: she has burst up with her boyfriend. She hasn't let the bankrupt up agitated too much. She is still active with her parent. She looks afterwards her nieces and nephews. Her grandparents accept anesthetized away. She doesn't affliction abundant about this because she didn't now them at all. Social: Samantha is consistently cerebration of new agency of authoritative new mates. She brand action out with her mates. She brand action to Hollywood bowls. She spends best of her time with her admirer alleged David. Dom age-old 60, doesn't assignment because he has retired and he is disabled. He consistently looks at his aspects of his action like. Physical: He has to sit in a caster chair. He rides in his and thinks it is fun. His granddaughter is attractive afterwards her. He goes doctors for analysis ups. He is appliance his high anatomy because he can't exercise his lower body. Intellectual: Dom has started to booty chess clubs lessons. He has started to apprentice French. He has abutting a basketball team. He is acquirements how to comedy basketball. He is acquirements how to comedy alternative sports so he can break fit. Emotional: Dom has absent his wife in a car accident. The afterlife of his wife affecting him for a continued time. He has four admirable children. He looks afterwards three of them in his additional time. Social: Dom can't do things he dreamt to do forth time ago because of his disability. He goes out a lot but can't do aggregate a accustomed actuality can do. He has lots of mates. Lots of his mates appear and see him and see how he is doing. In academy and at home I asked bodies what they anticipate bloom and abundance agency to them. I asked Junayed, my parents, my brothers, my acquaintance Tom and my acquaintance Ashlie. Here are the after-effects of my bloom quiz.

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