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  Essay Questions: Answer both questions. 3 pages for each. 1. The casual acquaintance in the Mumbai ambience reveals the ambiguous attributes of the actuality of workers in the breezy sector. Using account abstracts from the Boo book, accommodate at atomic three examples from India’s achievement on assorted amusing indicators (literacy, basal bloom care) on how the country’s development behavior accept absolutely inhibited amusing and bread-and-butter advancement for the burghal poor in Mumbai?  2. China’s aisle to bread-and-butter advance has been abreast by the Lewis archetypal and its administration of burghal migrants through the hukou system. Please highlight the above abstract credibility of Lewis’s compassionate of the clearing action in account to how these administer to Chinese urbanization? In what way does the hukou arrangement accompaniment Lewis’s archetypal in answer Chinese urbanization? Short Answer questions: Answer both of the afterward questions (15 marks. 7.5 marks per question). 2 pages for each. 1) Burghal adroitness has been a appropriate of development in both Indian and Chinese cities. Given that burghal adroitness is a bigger botheration in agreement of how it affects people’s abundance in India than China, present bristles ample comparisons on how burghal adroitness is tackled at the action akin in both countries? 2) Solomon Benjamin has acclimated the appellation “occupancy urbanism” to call the new backroom and political abridgement of the ample Indian burghal city. What are the three capital arguments in his access to highlight the acumen of the Indian burghal ambience in allegory to cities in alternative countries?   You are accepted to use chantry 12 Arial and additionally advertence your responses according to the APA format.

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