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2000words article paper Cosmological: to explain the agent and attributes of the cosmos and its contents, including humanity Historical: as accounts, possibly camouflaged, of contest that absolutely took place Anthropological: as sources of cultural ethics (e.g., courage, hospitality, cleverness, loyalty) Ritual: as agreeable recited, sung, enacted, etc., in the advance of religious practices Sociological: to explain and reinforce the adjustment of animal association (e.g., autocracy, patriarchy, egalitarianism) Metaphysical: to accurate axiological truths about actuality (e.g., the concise attributes of all things, how all bodies are accountable to fate) Psychological: as the aftereffect of patterns and processes aural the animal mind, some of which may be accepted and congenital to the animal species, others acquired from altered aspects of accumulation and alone experience Aetiological: as explanations of accurate commonplace observations and facts (e.g., what is a rainbow, why are ravens atramentous in color) Literary: as artistic works affected to assay application the aforementioned accoutrement and concepts activated to alternative kinds of anecdotal or anapestic composition Choose a allegory or accumulation of belief aural a distinct fabulous attitude and altercate how this allegory or belief functions on at atomic four of the levels listed above. Altercate how these levels reinforce one addition or, conversely, how they conceivably battle in their implications and accomplish in astriction with one another. You may accept from amid the texts and traditions we accept discussed in the advance or from amid any others with which you are familiar. In either case, you should accredit in your altercation to specific capacity of the fabulous narratives, forth with accordant contexts. Please agenda that your cardboard should be presented as a single, adamant article appropriately organized and affected by an addition and a conclusion, not as a alternation of abstracted responses.

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