ESSAY PAPER (Doctoral Level)

   Essay Cardboard Instructions You will altercate assigned questions for the Module/Week.  · Answers to questions charge be accurate with analysis and citations. It is not unusual, for instance, to accept 3–4 citations per branch in doctoral-level research.  · Remember additionally that autograph a analysis paper, abnormally at the doctoral-level, requires you to braid in account from abundant sources and again in about-face synthesizing those account to actualize beginning insights and knowledge. Specifics: · 12-14 pages of content, double-spaced · Charge accommodate citations from all readings and presentations for the assigned bore (including the Fischer presentations and readings) and at atomic 20 bookish sources · Charge accommodate Biblical affiliation (the Fischer sources will advice to that end) · Current APA format Module/Week 1 Essay Discuss the following: · Evaluate aggressive worldview/philosophical perspectives on ethics.  · Altercate the role that belief plays in the accessible administering context. · Synthesize a Biblical/covenantal archetypal of statesmanship, administration and authoritative behavior with the above.

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