Essay on How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tiayna Bradford BRADFORD 1 Mary Jo M. Keiter English 051 Oct 18, 2012 How to accomplish a broiled cheese sandwich on an electric stove. First you charge to accomplish abiding that you accept all the things bare for this process. 1. Frying pan 2. Aliment 3. Adulate or Margarine 4. Adulate knife 5. Cheese 6. Plate First you booty out two pieces of aliment and lay them on your plate. Again you accessible up the butter, get the adulate knife; put some adulate on the knife, again advance it on one ancillary of the bread. Accomplish abiding that the ancillary you put the adulate on is the ancillary down. The alternative ancillary of the aliment that is faces up; put two slices of cheese on it. After you put the cheese on it; put allotment aliment on it, again advance adulate on that ancillary too. When that allotment is done, about-face the stove on cardinal four; so that it is not up to high; or to low. Place the frying pan on the eye that you angry on. Once it gets hot put the sandwich in the pan. You can put a lid on it to accomplish it baker faster or aloof leave it open. Let it baker for like two account and again about-face it to the alternative ancillary and echo the aforementioned thing. Once you see that the aliment is amber a little, you can booty it out application a spactula. It is again accessible to eat.

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