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Explain the hardware, software and borderline apparatus of a computer arrangement and the anatomic affiliation amid these components. Fig: functions of the operating systems (1) 1-Hardware Accouterments consists of concrete accessories of the computer. We analyze accessories aural the Case such as: Ability supply: it is the accessories that receives electricity from a DC accepted and converts it to a another accepted AC for the needs of the computer. The ability accumulation may depends on the motherboard of the computer because the wattage varies depends on alternative accessories axial the computer. Fig 3: ability accumulation (4) The motherboard: it is the capital accessories of the computer. On it are stored and affiliated every alternative equipment. The motherboard is the axial allotment of the computer. We accept abounding others apparatus installed on the motherboards such as microprocessor, RAM, controller… Fig 4: the motherboard (5) Microprocessor: it is the academician of the computer. it agency that all the operation on the computer are fabricated by the microprocessor. It is additionally accepted as CPU (central processing Unit). it can be abstinent in megahertz (MHz) or in Gigahertz depending of computer. he achievement of the chip is so important that it is capital to any chump to be acquainted of the cardinal of calculations it can accomplish afore affairs a computer [23]. for example, Dell Optiplex 990 works with Intel Core i3 2100 (3. 1GHz). Fig 5: chip (6) RAM: it is Random admission memory. its role is to abundance instructions or abstracts for a accessible processing and its accumulator is temporally. it holds a account of instructions of an advice that is currently working. it can be accessed randomly, it agency that it does not accept to attending in the accumulator accessory (hard disk) from the alpha to acquisition a allotment of absorption [23]. When we about-face off the computer any accumulator aural the RAM, will be asleep that is why we say the accumulator is temporally. RAM is the capital anamnesis because we can bound admission any files in the adamantine disk. Fig 6: RAM (7) ROM: it stands for apprehend alone memory. ROM differs from RAM in two ways: aboriginal it is not afflicted or asleep afterwards the computer is assembled, you can apprehend it but cannot address on it, and added it charcoal banausic alike afterwards the computer is angry off. [23] Fig:19 ROM [22] Adamantine disk: it is the basic area data, files, operating systems are saved. t stored ample bulk of abstracts depending on its size. the annal stored are not airy as in the RAM, but it charcoal until it is afflicted or deleted. it is abstinent in bytes. today we noticed that computer are about adamantine deejay accommodation of 40 gigabytes. this achievement of the deejay accommodation is one of the capital admeasurement back we are affairs a computer. [23] Fig 7: the adamantine deejay (8) Drive controllers: its role is to ascendancy abstracts alteration to and from the adamantine disk. it is a circuits that allows the CPU to acquaint with the adamantine deejay and the alternative affectionate of deejay drive. or archetype the ambassador talks to the keyboard and to the abrasion to accredit the CPU to apprehend advice from them(2). we accept drive ambassador such as IDE(integrated drive electronic) and SCSI (small computer systems interface) Fig 8:drive controllers (9) CD-ROM Drive: we use this drive to comedy and apprehend CD-ROM (DISK COMPACT Apprehend alone memory) in the computer. we can additionally comedy audio CD. a archetypal accommodation of the CD ROM is about 650 megabytes. they are now actuality overtaken by DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) because of their ample accommodation accumulator up to 3. 9 gigabytes. [23] Fig 9: CD ROM drive(10) Floppy drive: we use this drive to save or apprehend abstracts in a billowing disk. a billowing deejay is a baby and disposable accumulator accessories that almanac abstracts in aboveboard artificial jacket. fig 10: billowing deejay drive (11) 2- Software The computer software are programs that controls the computer hardware. They command the accouterments and acquaint them what to do and how to do it. We accept abounding kinds of software: operating systems software, appliance software, and drivers. Operating systems: it is a affairs that controls and manages the computer in every task. it controls the ascribe and the achievement of the computer such as deejay drives or scanner. Two of the capital appearance of the operating systems are: -multi user: it agency that two or added users can run programs at the aforementioned time, it is acclimated decidedly with mainframe and minicomputer (3) -multitasking: it agency that it is able to assassinate added than one assignment at the same-time. For archetype we can comedy music in the computer and use the address a certificate in Microsoft word. We accept abounding blazon of operating systems: -Windows (XP, VISTA, Windows 7…) -Mac OS X -Linux there are added operating systems that we acquisition on the computer. We alleged them systems accoutrement of the computer. e use them for the accepted maintenance. accepted aliment is altered adjustment we booty to accumulate our computer safe and after problems. we accept accoutrement such as Deejay defragmenter: it is a apparatus that we use to accumulate our computer active bound and efficiently. it organizes and consolidates abstracts on the adamantine disk, acceptance the systems to run faster. we accept to use it at atomic every week. [17] Deejay cleanup: it is a apparatus that enables us to chargeless amplitude in the adamantine deejay and advance the achievement of the computer. we use it to abolish and annul programs such as temporally internet files, or programs that we on’t use. [17] Backup, [17] Appliance software: they are programs advised to handle specific types of advice and accomplish advantageous results. We analyze abounding kinds of appliance software: -word processing: in those applications we can actualize argument documents. E. g. Microsoft chat -database: in those applications we can actualize and adapt abstracts records. E. g. Filemarker pro -presentation graphics: we accept the achievability to draw, actualize 2D and 3D graphics. E. g Corel Draw -media player: with those applications we can comedy Video, MP3, and alternative audio formats. E. g. QuickTime amateur It facts appliance software depends on platforms and operating systems. for archetype there are some applications that cannot assignment in Drivers: there is a affairs that controls a accurate accouterments device. Accessories such as keyboard, adviser and printer are controls by a driver. After those drivers the accessories cannot action properly. 3-Peripheral apparatus of the computer the borderline apparatus of the computer can be ascribe or achievement accessories such as: Monitor: it is a accessory fabricated as a awning area advice is represented. it is one of the best important borderline apparatus of the computer. Fig 11: adviser (12) Keyboard: it is a accessory that we use to address or access abstracts argument into the computer. Fig 12: keyboard (13) Mouse: it can be authentic as a accessory composed of one or abounding button that we acclimated to baddest or to accept specific things through a arrow in a screen. fig 13: mouse(14) Printer: it is a accessory that we use to represent physically argument or clear abstracts or advice stored in the computer. We represent it through a paper. we accept abounding kinds of printer: Dot cast printer: it can book up to 200 characters per seconds; the book arch is formed actual rapidly over the paper. Laser jet printer and ink jet printer. fig14: ink jet printer (15) Scanner: it is a ascribe accessory acclimated to browse or archetype pictures, argument to the computer. fig 15: scanner [16] Agenda camera: it is a accessory that we use to almanac video. We can alteration our recorded video to our computer, and adapt them, or email them to friends. fig 16: agenda camera[19] Loudspeakers: we use these accessories to comedy music or to use some appliance that involves complete hearing. fig 17: computer loudspeakers [20] Microphone: we use microphone to actualize or almanac a articulation or a complete . ometimes we use it for communicating with accompany via internet. [18] fig 18: computer microphone [21] References: 1-www. cisco. co. uk 2-http://encyclopedia2. thefreedictionary. com/Hard+drive+controller 3-http://www. webopedia. com/TERM/M/multi_user. html 4-http://trustcomputers. co. uk/index. php? main_page=index&cPath=2 5-http://www. teach-ict. com/gcse/hardware/parts/miniweb/motherboard. htm 6-http://www. cpu-world. com/CPUs/K10/TYPE-Sempron. html 7-http://www. pcextreme. net/news/your-ram-check-it/ 8-http://www. novell. com/coolsolutions/appnote/16837. html 9-http://www. techarp. om/showarticle. aspx? artno=388&pgno=2 10- http://www. powersourceonline. com/buy-equipment/ibm-Parts/10K3782/31776879-10K3782-cy-en. jsa 11_http://www. darlingtoncomputerrepairs. co. uk/index. php? main_page=product_info&cPath=58_100&products_id=87 12- http://www. lcd-monitor-reviews. com/lcd-monitor-reviews/iiyama-AS4611UT-lcd-monitor-review. html 13- http://voices. canonical. com/joey. stanford/2007/11/ 14- http://www. tomshardware. com/reviews/microsoft-breeds-unique-mice,1554-2. html 15-http://www. inkandmedialtd. co. uk/blog/epson-r300-inkjet-printer-review/ 16-http://www. letsgodigital. rg/html/events/PHOTOKINA-2004/news/epson/PERFECTION-4180_en. html 17-http://www. microsoft. com/atwork/maintenance/speed. aspx 18-www. camcorderinfo. com/content/Glossary. htm 19-http://digital-cameras-planet. com/ 20-http://www. comparestoreprices. co. uk/Trust-computer-speakers-reviews. asp 21-http://www. custom-product. com/wholesale-items/662/714-1/computer-microphone-cm-9002-129285. html 22-http://www. novopc. com/2008/09/rom-read-only-memory/ 23- Brendan Munnelly, Paul Holden, 2000, ECDL3 the complete coursebook, Prentice Hall, Redacteurs Software Documentation Limited 2000

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