Essay on Catcher in the Rye

Mariah Lindsey A. P Literature & Composition 9/7/12 Catcher in the Rye Analysis Essay Elizabeth Norton already acclimated a adduce that’s states “To be depressed is to be lonely; to accept a acquaintance is to be happy. ”” Start anniversary day by acknowledging peaceful, contented and blessed attitudes and your canicule will tend to be affable and absitively to attending above the imperfections, so you appetite feel the charge of a friend”. In Catcher in the Rye, Salinger uses Holden to advance accouchement about the apple are depressed and appetite to accretion a accord with anyone who’s accommodating to allocution to them. During abasement bodies may arise acrimonious to and abrade others, abominably in Holden case he was affable to others because he was so depressed for a accord and a friend. In the anecdotic moment In the Hotel, the columnist J. D Salinger shows how abase Holden was to accretion a accord with addition by application imagery. “Ya got a hanger? I don’t appetite to get my dress all wrinkly. It’s brand-clean. ” The prostitute asked Holden for a hanger to adhere up her dress as if the dress was big-ticket and clean. Holden says “I took her dress over to the closet and afraid it up for her. It was funny. It fabricated me feel array of sad back I afraid it up. ” It relates to adumbration because of how Holden was anecdotic her dress and how he afraid it up. “I anticipation of her activity to the abundance and diplomacy it, and cipher in the abundance alive that she was a prostitute. Holden is apperception the prostitute activity to buy the dress and how it’s funny that’s cipher apperceive what blazon of actuality she was back she bought it. This connects to the affair of him actuality depressed for a accord because it shows him aggravating to brainstorm a accompaniment of diplomacy absolute amid him and the prostitute. Salinger additionally uses argot to appearance how abase Holden is for a accord and a friend. "Innarested in accepting a acceptable time fella? or is it too backward for you. " Argot is alpha use because the man in the auberge uses a altered accent to booty on a altered acceptation on the text, so Holden try’s to chronicle to him by allocution in the aforementioned format, which shows him aggravating to accomplish a relationship. "Uh huh. Well how about it? Y'innarested? Five bucks a throw. 15 bucks the accomplished night. The man interrupts a altered accent so that you can accept what a bandy was and how abundant it cost. Five bucks a throw, 15 bucks til noon. “Okay “I said. “It was adjoin my attempt and all but I was activity so abase I didn't alike think. ” This additionally shows argot because of the words they acclimated to call that Holden was advantageous for a prostitute to appear up to his room. The accord the arcane accessory has to the affair I created is that, Holden is so depressed and abandoned that he has a continued chat with the man who works in the auberge about advantageous for a prostitute that he absolutely doesn't appetite accept sex with aloof to accretion a accord with someone. This is an anecdotic adventure because he paid for a prostitute to appear and accept a chat with him. He didn't alike accept sex with her. Holden was aloof so depressed and abandoned that he capital to anatomy a accord with a women who sales her anatomy for money and man who tries to get men to buy a prostitute. He absolutely didn't affliction who he talked to, he absolutely aloof bare addition who's activity to accept to him and allocution to him so they can accept a relationship.

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