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  Most accessible action is fabricated from aural government agencies. Select an bureau to analysis for this assignment: Go to to activate your search. Next, bang on the card tab labelled “Government Agencies and Elected Officials.” Then, bang on “A-Z Index of U.S. Government Agencies.” Select one of the ample federal agencies, and analysis one of its above policies, laws, or regulations. What is the primary mission of the agency? Select a botheration that the bureau is attempting to solve. Research the above action action as it has acquired and analyze its above stakeholders. Analyze what above factors accept contributed to action ineffectiveness. Is the authority now too ample to accommodate able blank and approaching development? Be abiding to accommodate acquaint abstruse and action concepts discussed throughout the class. Examples may accommodate aegis at airports, immigration, apprenticeship (No Child Left Behind), abundance support, Social Security, bloom care, etc. Analyze government subsidies, tools, and regulations the bureau uses to accommodated its action goals. Pinpoint acknowledging agencies, groups, or businesses that would be best absorbed in these policies, and call the abeyant conflicts of interest. Your APA appearance cardboard should be two to three pages in length, not counting the appellation and advertence pages. Accommodate at atomic three peer-reviewed or able references.  Be abiding your cardboard is double-spaced and uses 12-point chantry and one-inch margins. Use your own words, and accommodate citations and references as bare to abstain plagiarism. All sources acclimated charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines.

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