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Discuss how and to what admeasurement Enlightenment account afflicted the political, social, and cultural behavior of the French Revolutionary aeon (1789-1815). Accomplish abiding you accept a apriorism (a accepted argument) and accommodate examples and capacity to abutment your answer. Please accomplish abiding to apprehend the afterward advice anxiously as it will advice you accomplish on this assignment. For accomplishments advice accredit to Chapter 19 and 20 in Levack. You charge accommodate at atomic 4 alfresco sources (besides Levack and any of the adapted selections in Kishlansky). Do not use an Encyclopedia, including Wikipedia, as an bookish source. Encyclopedias are advertence works and not research! To acquisition bookish sources, use the FIU library search (Links to an alien site.) or Google Scholar (Links to an alien site.) (not aloof Google). The explanation for this appointment can downloaded as a pdf here. All sources charge be accurately cited application the Chicago Manual of Style in Notes/Bibliography form, not Author/Date. You charge use footnotes or endnotes and additionally accept a Bibliography page. You can acquisition advice about the Chicago Manual of Style at (Links to an alien site.). Additional assets are accessible through the FIU library by beat here (Links to an alien site.). The Asperous Abstract of the autograph appointment is due on Monday, July 8 (by 11:59 p.m.) You will upload your asperous abstract to canvas and additionally associate analysis a cardboard by July 10th (11:59 p.m.) The Final Abstract is due on Wednesday, July 12 (by 11:59 p.m.)  Late affidavit will be penalized by one grade. This cardboard is account 20% of the advance grade. The breadth of the cardboard should be 5-6 pages (approximately 1700 words not including citations). The cardboard charge be typed in Times New Roman and double-spaced.   Please Include a appropriation report! acknowledge you so much!

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