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   An Account of an Argument This cardboard asks you to analyze an argument’s affirmation and reason. You will additionally charge to explain the accepted ambience for the argument, the author’s purpose and admirers and how you accept been able to actuate the context/audience/purpose based on clues from central and alfresco of the text. It additionally asks you to call the author’s (4) acknowledging affirmation and (5) all-embracing structure, and finally, appraise the altercation in agreement of its purpose and audience. Successful essays will include: 1. Please account the sample cardboard article first. 2. An anterior area that provides all the advice the admirers will charge to accept your argument. This includes the affair of the autograph activity and your altercation affirmation and acumen about the author’s use of affirmation and organization. 3. A account of the claim/reason of “Fake news: Personal albatross charge trump bookish laziness” 4. A altercation of the accepted context, author’s purpose and author’s audience, accurate by affirmation from central or alfresco of the text 5. A description and appraisal of acknowledging evidence. A. Do you acquisition facts and affirmation in the argument? Direct observation? Statistics? Interviews? Surveys? Primary sources such as beholder accounts? Secondary sources such as appear research? Quotations from authorities? Hypothetical situations? Analogy? Allusion? Personal Experience? 6. A description and appraisal of the acclimation structure. To appraise the article’s structure, you may appetite to ask yourself these questions: A. Is the advice presented in a analytic order? Does the columnist use archival order, cause/effect, problem/solution, accepted to specific, or alternative means of acclimation information? Do those structures advice accomplish the altercation added persuasive? 7. A cessation that clarifies whether you accept the Matt Chan has accounting an able altercation based on the affirmation and alignment they chose to argue the admirers of their purpose. 8. A “Works Cited” or “Reference” page.

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