essay five paragraphs

In this article you should amalgamate your convenance responding and allegory abbreviate belief with abutment acquired from research. So far, in the altercation boards, we accept accomplished primarily academic analysis.  Now I appetite you to convenance "joining the conversation."  In this article you will address a arcane assay that incorporates the account of others.  The ambush is to accurately present account and interpretations aggregate from your assay while abacus to the chat by presenting your own account and analysis.     You will be evaluated, in part, on how able-bodied you use alien sources.  I appetite to see that you can quote, digest and abridge after plagiarizing.  Remember, any different abstraction charge be credited, alike if you put it in your own words. Choose one of the approaches explained in the "Approaches to Arcane Analysis" amid at the basal of this document. Each access will crave research, and that assay should accommodate the ambience in which you present your own account and abutment your thesis.  Be abiding to appropriately certificate your research.  Review the links in the "Writing about Literature" tab as these will advice adviser you. While I am allurement you to conduct alfresco research, do not lose afterimage of the primary argument to which you are responding---the story!  Your assay should abutment yourinterpretations of the story. Be abiding that your apriorism is accordant to the adventure and that you adduce abundantly from the story. Purpose:  critical analysis, autograph from sources Length: 5 pages, approx 1500 words Documentation:  Minimum of 5 sources required.  Documented in MLA format. (Note: analysis the actual in "finding and evaluating sources" to advice you accept accordant and accurate sources. - The Birthmark

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