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  Program: Microsoft Word/Font: Times New Roman/Font size: 11/Double-Space/Minimum 500~Maximum 1,000 words A. What do you anticipate of religious toleration? Explanation: “Religious accommodation is the action of accepting or allowing other’ religious behavior and practices which disagree with one’s own.” (Wikipedia article) In America, the Government guarantees that everybody has the appropriate to adoration God in the way that they choose; cipher has the appropriate to force you to acquire addition religion. We can go to the abbey that we want, we can adjure the way we want, and we can alike adjudge not to adoration any God. What do you anticipate about anybody apropos what alternative bodies appetite to do about their religion? Do you anticipate there should be law about this? What should be done about religious persecution- back addition is not accustomed to convenance his/her adoration back and area they want? Or should bodies aloof amount this out on their own after the government’s involvement? please agenda this is an Christian University. 

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