Essay Evaluation on Appiah’s Article

In his article, Appiah notifies us that in October 2005, the UNESCO General Conference accustomed a assemblage on the 'protection and promotion' of cultural diversity.  According to Appiah, the action of this assemblage was based on 'the abhorrence is that the ethics and images of Western accumulation culture, like some invasive weed, are aggressive to asphyxiate out the world's built-in flora.' In the aforementioned commodity Appiah refers to some of the 'women's rights' like the appropriate to vote, the appropriate to assignment alfresco their homes, the appropriate to be adequate from the concrete corruption of men, etc. This action will be undertaken alone into two parts. First, you are appropriate to address an article in which you are activity to advance the abstraction of up to what point it is 'cultural imperialism' for us to avert those women's rights.  By advocating these rights, are we again actionable the assemblage of cultural assortment as we advance the aegis of women's animal rights worldwide? Submit your address to this Dropbox and column to the Discussion.  The additional allotment is the altercation with at atomic two classmates.   Page limit: 5

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