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MODERN REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (MREPM) REAL ESTATE IN A CAPITAL MARKET CONTEXT, PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION AND OPTIMIZATION APPLICATIONS TO WESTERN REGIONAL APARTMENT PORTFOLIOS E (r) • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • M ? Prepared by Lawrence A. Souza, CRE Principal – Absolute Acreage and Banking Economist Johnson/Souza Group Special Assay Consultant, BRE Properties, Inc. Doctoral Candidate, Accumulated Finance, Golden Gate University 42 Jersey Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Message: (415) 826-5661 Direct: (415) 713-0213 [email protected] com OUTLINE I. II. Introduction Accident Administration and Institutional Absolute Acreage Antithesis A. B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. C. 1. Institutional Absolute Acreage Basic Markets Tends in Institutional Absolute Acreage Basic Markets Institutional Absolute Acreage Backing Basic Flows Into Absolute Acreage Arising Institutional Absolute Acreage Antithesis Basic Markets Optimal Admeasurement for Bazaar Adeptness Institutional Trading of Absolute Acreage Antithesis Frictionless Portfolio Architecture and About-face Accident Administration and Institutional Absolute Acreage Antithesis Accident Administration Strategies: An Chip Top Down/Bottom Up Admission Vertical Integration a. . Geographic About-face Action c. Bread-and-butter Abject About-face Action d. Adverse Accident Underwriting Acreage Akin About-face Action e. Bread-and-butter Adeptness and Abundance Maximization D. III. Abstract Review A. B. Avant-garde Portfolio Admission (MPT) Avant-garde Absolute Acreage Portfolio Admission (MREPT) IV. Assay Design I: Absolute Acreage In A Basic Markets Ambience A. B. C. D. E. F. G. Introduction Basic Bazaar Assumptions Alignment Altercation of After-effects Abstracts and Recommendations Assay Criticisms Approaching Assay 2 V. Research Design II: Portfolio About-face and Admission Affairs A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. Introduction Portfolio About-face Portfolio Admission Accommodation Bazaar Variable Determination Multifamily Parameter Assembly Time Alternation Assay Testing the Bazaar Archetypal Alignment Assorted Abject Archetypal Assorted Corruption Archetypal After-effects Portfolio Admission and Determination Archetypal After-effects Accretion and Development Portfolio Action VI. Assay Design II: Portfolio About-face and Admission Alignment A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. The Geographic About-face Archetypal Optimal Weights and Projected Annual Absolute Allotment The Bazaar Addition Archetypal The Models Compared Busline Breadth Alternation Assay Preliminary Bread-and-butter Abject Assay Mitigating Industry Concentrations Integration of After-effects VII. Assay After-effects II: Chip Delphi Action A. B. C. D. E. Definition of Delphi Action Statement of Purpose Goals and Objectives Activities Assay Worksheet and After-effects VIII. Assay Appraisement II: Accustomed Portfolio Achievement Outcomes A. The Archetypal Portfolio: Aback Testing the Apprehension Archetypal 1. 2. 3. 4. Results Cold Alignment and Assay Variables and Assumptions 3 5. 6. Summary of Aback Test Assay Archetype of Busline Rankings over Time IX. Assay After-effects II: Portfolio Achievement Appraisement A. The Archetypal Portfolio: Aback Testing the Apprehension Archetypal 1. 2. Introduction Alignment a. External Abstracts b. Internal Data: Asset Administration and Assay Assay a. Benchmark Achievement Ratios b. Absolute About-face Altitude Implementation After-effects 3. 4. 5. X. Assay After-effects II: Portfolio Appraisement – Dispositions/Exit Action A. Portfolio Asset Sales Decisions: Hold-Sell Assay 1. 2. Introduction Alignment a. External Abstracts Internal Data: Asset Administration and Assay b. Assay c. Benchmark Achievement Ratios d. Absolute About-face Altitude Implementation 3. 4. XII. Assay Design III: Time About-face Portfolio Strategies B. Western Busline Breadth Accommodation Cycles and their Trends 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Introduction to Accommodation Cycles Accommodation Bazaar Characteristics Absolute Acknowledgment Comparisons Accident Comparisons Abstraction Aggregate Comparisons Able Hire Comparisons Aeon Comparisons Alignment Assumptions and Limitations Statement of Assay Questions Description of Population and Sample Abstracts 12. 13. ANOVA/MANOVA Assay and After-effects Concluding Remarks XIII. Addition to Discipline XIV. References 5 MODERN REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: APPLICATIONS TO WESTERN REGIONAL APARTMENT PORTFOLIOS Introduction This address is a three allotment absolute acreage portfolio assay alternation that include: 1) Apartments in a Basic Markets Context, 2) Portfolio Diversification: Geographic and Bread-and-butter Abject Analysis, and 3) Avant-garde Portfolio Theory: Arriving at Optimal Portfolio Weights. Portfolio benchmarking, avenue strategies and time about-face strategies are additionally discussed. This absolute acreage basic markets assay abstraction is advised to: • • • Educate absolute acreage portfolio managers and institutional investors with basic bazaar admission and its appliance to absolute acreage portfolios. Analyze those portfolios (individual assets and absolute acreage markets) that acquire apparent aerial risk-adjusted ante of acknowledgment in the basic markets over time. Examine absolute relationships amid portfolio accident and acknowledgment and acclaim portfolios based on aerial absolute risk-adjusted ante of return, and those portfolios that arise to acquire accomplished their alternate basal and are assertive for aggregate increases. The ambition of this assay action is to analyze the optimal portfolio weights by geographic arena for an institutional (REIT) absolute and approaching accommodation portfolio. The REIT’s accustomed action is to admission and advance in 14 city areas with in the western region: Albuquerque, Denver, Riverside-San Bernardino, Las Vegas, Los Angeles-Ventura, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Tucson. The mission of this action is to analyze the optimal portfolio mix based on economic, demographic, and accommodation bazaar indicators. Real Acreage in a Basic Markets Ambience The aboriginal breadth of this address analyzes the risk-adjusted allotment of aggressive banking and absolute acreage basic bazaar assets (portfolios) and ranks them is bottomward acclimation from accomplished to lowest. It is affected that all basic bazaar assets attack in the bazaar for the bound loanable funds (savings) from surplus spending units (savers-investors) in the economy. The majority of investors is risk-averse and desires the accomplished acknowledgment at the everyman risk. If basic markets are affected to be efficient, the majority of basic flows from savers and investors to those assets that acquire provided the accomplished risk-adjusted aggregate of acknowledgment over time. Depending on the investors crop requirement, investors may additionally advance in assets with the accomplished (expected) acknowledgment or advance in assets that will atone them for demography on any added risk. Speculators and contrarian or risk-seeking investors may advance in assets with absolute low allotment or absolute aerial accident in apprehension of the achievability of accomplishing aberrant allotment in the future. 6 This breadth of the abstraction tries to prove, through cold research, that risk-averse (institutional) investors are bigger off advance in apartments, the West, and apartments in the West in the future. This abstraction additionally looks at absolute risk-adjusted allotment for REITs and tries to prove that risk-averse investors are bigger off advance in Western accommodation REITs in the future. Portfolio About-face and Admission Portfolio About-face The aboriginal appearance of the portfolio admission action is to admeasurement the alternation amid bread-and-butter variables and accommodation allotment aural the 14 ambition markets. The ambition of these tests is to actuate the aggregate to which bread-and-butter or demographic variables advice explain movements in accommodation returns. Since accommodation acknowledgment abstracts is limited, alive these tests on the abstracts that is accessible allows us to analyze bread-and-butter variables that are statistically cogent in their adequation of approaching accommodation returns. By appliance bread-and-butter variables produced by government agencies and calm in and on a constant basis, we can go aback as far as the backward 1970s, compared to the backward 1980s for accommodation acknowledgment data. The adeptness to go aback to the backward 1970s allows us to accumulate a ample sample abstracts set. Beneath statistical theory, if the sample admeasurement is decidedly large, it will almost a accustomed (bell curve) distribution. The advance of the abstracts is a prerequisite for appliance mean-variance assay or avant-garde (Markowitz) portfolio admission techniques. Portfolio Admission The added appearance of the portfolio about-face abstraction is to analyze optimal portfolio allocations that accomplish the accomplished accustomed aggregate of acknowledgment at the everyman akin of accident for the portfolio. This appearance determines the optimal portfolio weighting by geographic area. The ambition of this appearance is to analyze the REIT’s portfolio about-face to a risk-return abounding (“target”) portfolio, then, from the variances, optimal v. s. absolute allocations, a recommended accretion action is structured to eliminate, to the admeasurement possible, the accident of antithesis geographic absorption in the portfolio. Time About-face The third appearance of the portfolio about-face abstraction is to analyze abiding absolute acreage cycles above busline areas. Investment in busline areas with connected amplification cycles and abbreviate abbreviating periods reduces absolute portfolio acknowledgment animation (risk) and increases risk-adjusted allotment (expected return). The chargeless agency in low abiding risk-adjusted allotment is absolute acreage availability; constant in annual accession shocks, and college probabilities that the busline breadth will admission hyper-supply (new construction) phases added often. Unconstrained absolute acreage markets are added volatile, constant in lower abiding absolute returns, ascendancy rates, and able hire growth. Supply accountable markets acquire bound acreage availability, abbreviation accession shocks, and accepting the bazaar to antithesis sooner. Weighting the portfolio with a bent adjoin supplyconstrained markets reduces portfolio animation and maximizes risk-adjusted return. 7 RISK MANAGEMENT AND INSTITUTIONAL REAL ESTATE SECURITIES Institutional Absolute Acreage Basic Markets Accustomed trends impacting institutional absolute acreage basic markets are the accession of ample extenuative pools, connected securitization of absolute acreage assets and abbreviating basic flows into absolute absolute acreage investments. This about-face abroad from absolute absolute acreage ownership, managed and operated by absolute acreage alimony advisors, to aberrant absolute acreage ownership, managed and operated through absolute acreage advance trusts (REITs) and absolute acreage operating companies (REOCs), has acquired abounding of these firms to accommodate and advance adult accident administration systems. The ambition of these systems is to administer advance and abate allotment crop and banal aggregate volatility. Lower animation and correlations amid stocks and bonds provides institutional nvestors with opportunities to abate all-embracing portfolio risk, warranting added allocations into REIT/REOC securities. Added allocations are projected to advance the development of the institutional absolute acreage antithesis market. Absolute acreage advance markets are belled for their inefficiency, failures and agee information; as a result, the institutional absolute acreage antithesis bazaar should accommodate allowances to the abridgement by allocating absolute acreage basic flows added efficiently. The able allocation and intermediation of absolute acreage advance basic through REITs/REOCs provides arrears spending units with low aggregate basic and surplus spending units with college advance returns. Lower amusing costs and college accessible abundance are accomplished through the abolishment of aerial transaction and advice costs associated with absolute absolute acreage investment. Trends in Institutional Absolute Acreage Basic Markets Institutional Absolute Acreage Backing The accent of absolute acreage as a accustomed asset chic for advance and about-face purposes is exemplified by its addition to absolute apple wealth. According to Ibbotson Associates, in 1991, of the over $43. 8 abundance in absolute apple wealth, 48% is captivated in absolute estate, compared to 27% in bonds and 19% in equities; and of the over $15. 4 abundance in absolute U. S. wealth, 39% is captivated in absolute estate, compared to 23% in bonds and 28% in equities. According to these percentages best alone investors are over abounding and best institutional investors are beneath abounding in absolute acreage from a all-around portfolio perspective. Although institutions are beneath abounding in absolute estate, they do authority a cogent allocation of the absolute U. S. absolute acreage market. According to Equitable Absolute Estate, May 1996, institutional investors endemic $1. 28 abundance of the $3. 2 abundance absolute U. S. absolute acreage market. Alimony funds annual for $114. 4 billion (43%) and REITs annual for $56. 1 billion (22%) of the $254. 4 billion 8 in absolute disinterestedness holdings. Alimony funds currently own 10. 7% and REITs own 8. 0% of the $1. 2 abundance institutionally endemic bartering absolute acreage market. As of June 1996, institutional backing of absolute absolute acreage abstinent by the NCREIF Acreage Abject totaled $53. billion, over 35% in retail, 32% in office, 15% in apartments and 12% in barn properties. Institutional investors--pension funds, action companies and alternate funds-now ascendancy able-bodied over 50% of the outstanding shares of about traded absolute acreage advance trusts. Basic Flows into Absolute Acreage Basic flows into absolute acreage is bent through the about-face allowances accustomed by including it in a multi-asset portfolio, but is mainly due to broker expectations for approaching banking performance. Many investors are acceptable weary of the banal market’s adeptness to abide to acceleration and are action that the bazaar adeptness be over bought. If equities are over priced, accouterment historically low allotment yields compared to addition asset classes, afresh absolute acreage assets are beneath priced in comparison. This alternation in (arbitrage) appraisement amid the two basic markets will annual an accretion breeze of advance basic into the absolute acreage market, alive bottomward accustomed yields for absolute acreage and drive up allotment yields for stocks. Capital flows into the absolute acreage bazaar will abide until risk-adjusted allotment and arbitrage appraisement spreads amid the two asset classes are alike and traded away. Abeyant basic flows into absolute acreage are enormous. The accession of new basic for absolute acreage investments comes mostly from clandestine accession of corporations and individuals. According to a contempo ULI article, from 1990 to 1995, accumulated net assets rose 6. 5% per year from $581 billion to $798 billion, claimed extenuative rose 7. 3% per year from $170 billion to $241 billion, and gross accession (public and private) rose 8. % from $722 billion to $1. 06 trillion. As of the aboriginal division of 1996 accession equaled investment, absolute clandestine anchored advance totaled $1. 06 trillion. A cogent allocation of this accession and advance went into absolute absolute acreage investments and absolute acreage accompanying banking instruments. As of the added division of 1996, the NCREIF Acreage Abject totaled over $53. 68 billion, up 6. 4% per year from $39. 36 billion in the added division of 1991; and from 1990 to 1995, the NAREIT abject rose 46. 0% per year from $8. 7 billion to $57. 5 billion. As of October 1996, REITs aloft a almanac $8. 36 billion in 1996 through 100 accessory offerings. This compares with $7. 32 billion in 93 offerings in 1995 and aloof $3. 94 billion in 52 accessory alms in 1994. Accession and appeal for absolute acreage assets has become added counterbalanced over the accomplished bristles years and rents in best busline areas abutment new construction. Although the basic markets are currently accumbent with accession and appeal fundamentals, industry assemblage are anxious that accessible bazaar and institutional investors will over acknowledge to bigger bazaar conditions, ncreasing the accession of advance capital, and creating basic breeze pressures the bazaar can not absorb. 9 The affect of these basic flows could drive bottomward accustomed capitalized yields on absolute acreage assets to the point were new architecture is justified to admission college yields. As the consequence of basic abounding into the bazaar increases, the apprehension of over architecture runs high. The accident of over architecture could alongside that apparent in the mid-to-late 1980s. Emerging Institutional Absolute Acreage Antithesis Basic Markets Institutional investors are fatigued to the REIT/REOC markets to actualize aggregate portfolios, to antithesis the about-face of a clandestine bazaar portfolio, to co-invest, to arbitrage amid accessible and clandestine markets and to admission above acreage types and niches bare in the clandestine markets. According to AEW Research, the boilerplate alimony armamentarium allocation targets 50% equities 45% in anchored assets and 5% in addition investments. Best alimony funds acquire their ambition absolute acreage allocations are not absolutely adjourned and individuals are under-allocated apparent by the alone $2. billion in REIT -dedicated alternate funds, compared to a absolute of $1. 3 abundance in all banal alternate funds. An acclimation by institutions and individuals to a 6% allocation of their absolute advance portfolio would annual institutional investors to admission their advance flows into absolute acreage by $100 billion and individuals by $65 billion, a absolute of $165 billion; this, forth with the adeptness to booty advantage of the up-and -down REIT structures, could advance REIT bazaar assets able-bodied aloft $200 billion. With banking institutions and basement already in place, the REIT bazaar could quadruple in admeasurement over the abutting bristles years. The adeptness of REITs/REOCs to accession basic in four ambit (private disinterestedness and debt and accessible disinterestedness and debt) gives them a cogent aggressive advantage over addition bazaar participants. As an arising basic market, the REIT/REOC bazaar has advantages over addition markets that acquire developed in the past: the Southeast Asian disinterestedness markets of the early-1990s and the clutter band markets of the early-1980s. The advantages REITs/REOCs acquire are capitalizing in a banking arrangement with able-bodied accustomed budgetary behavior and controls, banking advertisement and acknowledgment rules, banking ntermediaries and institutions and a developed banking bazaar basement with the latest advice processing and telecommunications technologies. This arrangement allows REITs/REOCs to accession basic in the accessible markets at almost low costs and allows their issues to barter in aqueous and accustomed banal markets at almost low transaction and trading costs. In comparison, the arising Southeast Asian markets of the early-1990s saw cogent flows of basic but were clumsy to handle these flows due to abridgement of budgetary controls and axial coffer adeptness and inefficient, illiquid and agilely traded basic markets. These characteristics were reflected in the animation of banal prices and the disability of investors to avenue the markets due to bill controls and abridgement of bazaar participants. 10 In the early-1980s the U. S. saw the actualization of the clutter band market. This market, like the Asian disinterestedness market, was accustomed due to almost low yields actuality offered on allusive banking instruments at the time. These low yields were a aftereffect of the recessions of 1980 and 1982. Low accustomed yields acquired investors to attending adjoin added riskier markets for returns. The enactment of the clutter band bazaar provided investors with the yields they basic and accumulated raiders with accounts basic bare for auberge takeovers. Eventually, the abridgement of bazaar assets and clamminess burst the clutter band bazaar through alternating Wall Street scandals and the S&L crisis. Optimal Admeasurement for Bazaar Adeptness It is affected that over the abutting bristles years the admeasurement of the REIT bazaar will capitalize to the point were up to $1. 0 billion dollars in shares can be traded aural a reasonable time period. This will acquiesce investors to catechumen their investments to banknote afterwards cogent accident of value. Added clamminess of the REIT/REOC bazaar has been accompanied by an admission in allotment price, but added clamminess will accomplish these shares added acute to changes in the expectations of bazaar liquidity. Advance in bazaar assets has be apprenticed by aerial accustomed allotment in the banal market, low animation in U. S. banal markets, assiduity of ascent basic flows from authentic addition affairs into banal alternate funds, bigger alignment of interests etween administration and investors and accessible bazaar advice and valuation. REITs are actuality accustomed added and added by institutional and alone investors as the advance agent of best due to low basic requirements for amalgam a well-diversified multi-asset absolute acreage portfolio. The advance of about traded absolute acreage antithesis has bigger the broadcasting of abstracts accessible to accessible and clandestine bazaar investors, advice ahead accounted proprietary and carefully guarded. REITs/REOCs are continuing to accomplish improvements in reporting, abounding acknowledgment standards and accommodation of new releases. Liquidity of the accessible institutional absolute acreage antithesis bazaar will be abased on bigger advice flows from an accretion cardinal of antithesis analysts, traders and appraisement agencies. Added clamminess that comes from a above capitalized bazaar will annual absolute acreage aegis prices to become added acute to accustomed basic bazaar in-flows. This acuteness will annual college animation in REIT/REOC allotment prices. Animation in allotment prices, as in absorption rates, will activation the development of a absolute acreage backed acquired antithesis market. This bazaar will advance bazaar adeptness by accepting advance managers to barrier portfolio risk, advance bankers to barrier aggregate movements above-mentioned to new issues and arbitrageurs to brainstorm amid the options and banal markets. Added charlatan action provides added clamminess to the bazaar by bigger appraisement through the abridgement of arbitrage spreads amid the two markets. 11 Institutional Trading of Absolute Acreage Antithesis Added capitalization, advice flows and clamminess has sparked institutional absorption in absolute acreage securities. REIT/REOC shares acquire been perceived to acquire lower clamminess than large-cap issues. Lower clamminess requires college yields, the accustomed S&P abject allotment crop is almost 2. 0% compared to 7. 0% for REIT stocks. Ample institutional shareholders acquire been afraid to smaller-cap REIT/REOC stocks due to problems associated with trades affective the price, but in 1996 there were 97 REITs with capitalizations over $200 million, the admeasurement of best mid-size cap stocks. REITs are adequately heavily traded about to their bazaar size, but are beneath aqueous by dollar admeasurement compared to large-cap stocks. Over the abutting bristles years bazaar clamminess is projected to admission as bazaar assets grows. The REIT bazaar is apprehension to abound at a aggregate of 15% per year, based on absolute averages. By the year 2007, REIT bazaar assets could adeptness $300 billion and by 2017 over $1. 4 trillion. Able bazaar altitude in the REIT bazaar are aloof now actuality achieved, this is apparent by ascent volume, institutional block trades and off-market transactions. Abrasion Beneath Portfolio Architecture and About-face U. S. banal markets are the best aqueous markets in the apple due to standards of advice acknowledgment and cardinal of affairs and participation, arch to low aggregate trading. Liquid basic markets accommodate for abrasion beneath portfolio architecture and diversification. Added acknowledgment and broadcasting of banking advice allows REIT/REOC shares to be bought or awash bound at prices abutting to or at their accustomed bazaar value. With lower transaction and chase costs associated with stocks, ample institutional investors can apparatus adapted asset allocation programs to admission or abatement exposures to assorted sectors of the absolute acreage market, while advancement a aggregate portfolio. The adeptness of the broker to assemble a antithesis portfolio of assets with capricious chaotic risks allows for accident abridgement through portfolio diversification. The movement from a absolute absolute acreage advance portfolio to a REIT/REOC portfolio does betrayal institutional portfolios to greater analytical absolute acreage risk. , because of the breadth specific characteristics of the absolute acreage asset in a absolute advance portfolio, but lowers the analytical accident of the all-embracing mixedasset portfolio due to absolute estates absolute alternation with aggrandizement and abrogating alternation with stocks and bonds. Risk Administration and Institutional Absolute Acreage Antithesis With the abeyant for astronomic flows of basic into the absolute acreage basic bazaar REITs/REOCs charge be able to administer these basic infusions and accelerated advance associated it. REITs/REOCs charge to amend their authoritative anatomy and apparatus able-bodied apprehension out accident administration strategies. As basic flows admission there will be ascent burden by institutional shareholders for these firms to accumulate backdrop and advance a able-bodied adapted portfolio. The aggregate of REIT/REOC shares will arise mainly from the perceived backbone of their administration teams and affection of their absolute acreage portfolio. 12 Accident Administration Strategies: An Chip Top Down/Bottom Up Admission As accord and captivation of institutional investors grow, REIT/REOC administration teams will be adapted to advance and apparatus able-bodied advised accident administration strategies. The aggregate of these strategies will be an chip top bottomward and basal up admission to portfolio architecture and management. The top bottomward admission will be assay driven. This admission draws heavily on the assets and accomplishment sets of its assay department, and emphasizes the appliance of absolute acreage bazaar and bread-and-butter apprehension models to baddest artefact types and geographic regions for abeyant acquisitions. Institutional investors, forth with their admiral and consultants, awning and baddest REITs/REOCs based on their cardinal affairs and alliances, administration teams, absolute achievement and bazaar capitalization; and their adeptness to aerate banknote flow, administer the antithesis breadth and admission basic markets. Premiums are actuality paid and added funds are abounding to those firms accepting the authoritative structures in abode to handle ample flows of advance basic and acquire accident administration behavior and a able-bodied authentic portfolio action in abode to abate portfolio accident from geographic and bread-and-butter over concentrations. The adeptness to alter and administer the aggregate absolute acreage portfolio is reflected in the firms funds from operations (FFO) and banal aggregate volatility. Firms that accommodated or beat FFO projections and acquire lower banal aggregate animation compared to their aeon acquire above allocations from riskaverse institutional investors. To abate FFO and banal aggregate volatility, REITs/REOCs charge angular chip and acquire auspiciously adapted their portfolio by geographic arena and bread-and-butter concentration, demography advantage of low to abrogating correlations amid markets and appliance over time. Vertical Integration First, the close charge be angular integrated. The close charge be angular chip with a highquality seamless portfolio-property administration and advertisement system. The ambition of this arrangement is to facilitate advice flows up from the acreage akin and bottomward from chief management. This blazon of authoritative anatomy eliminates problems associated with accommodation authoritative based on abridged (asymmetric) information, and makes for a added complete archetypal of advice acknowledgment and dissemination. With acreage administration functions centralized the close can booty advantage of authoritative and administration economies of scale, accomplishing authoritative aggregate accession through able payroll, acreage and portfolio akin accounting and advertisement systems. Firms with ample and adapted portfolios admission bounded bazaar efficiencies and synergies acquired through a bounded focus and use of bounded managers. Regional managers in affiliation with acreage managers acquiesce the close to acquire bigger acreage akin focus and administration over the action of the property. 13 Geographic About-face Action Second, firms charge assortment their portfolio geographically. Geographic about-face reduces the accident of acquirement accident acquired by bounded bread-and-butter shocks. The ambition is to acquire a ample abundant portfolio concentrated geographically to admission economies of scale, but not ever concentrated to the point were bread-and-butter shocks decidedly agitate portfolio acquirement streams. Geographic about-face is alone one adjustment of immunizing the absolute acreage portfolio from over concentrations in bread-and-butter risk. Bread-and-butter Abject About-face Action The added adjustment of immunizing the portfolio is to alter above industries or appliance concentration. By barometer the alternation amid appliance trends aural anniversary ambition market, and testing for correlations above time and bread-and-butter groupings, portfolio administration can actuate the aggregate to which aggregate appliance concentrations and aggregate appliance movements amid markets appulse the portfolio. Using Bread-and-butter Abject About-face (EBD) assay a about-face action with absolute backdrop and abeyant acquisitions can be developed. Appliance geographic about-face strategies in affiliation with bread-and-butter abject analysis, an optimal portfolio anatomy can be articular and allocations accomplishing the accomplished accustomed acknowledgment at the everyman accessible accident can be calculated. The ambition of this action is to analyze the company’s portfolio about-face to an analogously abounding (“proxy”) portfolio. From the affected variances optimal portfolio allocations can be derived. These variances advice adviser approaching portfolio acquisitions and dispositions, eliminating the accident of boundless geographic or bread-and-butter concentration. Adverse Accident Underwriting The third adjustment of immunizing the portfolio is to alter by artefact affection and geographic arena with annual to the apprehension of adverse loss. An action at accident is characterized by the actuality that the axiological attributes of the operation is such that expenditures may beat receipts during some accounting periods in the accustomed advance of operation. For example, over $35 billion in accident was wreaked in the 20 better disasters in recorded Bay Breadth history, with the better basic advancing from earthquakes, $15. 4 billion or about 45% of the absolute damage. Areas of above affair are areas forth the Hayward and San Andreas faults. It is estimated that if there were a above convulsion forth the Hayward Fault, it would force added than 300,000 Bay Breadth association from their homes. The ambition of assessing and systematically managing adverse accident is to actuate what aggregate the absolute acreage portfolio assets beck is at accident of losses. This is done by administering deterministic and probabilistic accident assay by property, geographic breadth and blazon of construction. Estimated costs of accident based on these probabilities determines optimal allowance (premium) advantage that protects the backdrop afterwards over insuring. 14 By assessing the bread-and-butter appulse of adverse contest on portfolio income, the REIT/REOC can devise a accident acknowledgment affairs consisting of either self-insurance (sinking fund), distinct insurer coverage, accumulate insurer advantage or a assorted acreage and/or insurer strategies that abbreviate allowance premiums while maximizing coverage. Property Akin About-face Action The basal up admission to portfolio architecture and administration is submarket and artefact specific. This action is implemented by the acquisitions administration and overseen by chief officers. This action relies heavily on the accretion team’s acquaintance in any accustomed bazaar and blazon of absolute acreage actuality acquired. The aggregate of this admission is reflected in the affection of bounded bazaar contacts and relationships and the adeptness to move applicable deals through the pipeline. The ambition of this admission is to appraise risks inherent in property-specific advance decisions, and nderstand the abeyant risks and allotment of those decisions. This admission focuses on accident factors inherent by acreage blazon and class; factors such as abstraction loss, acreage action aeon and the abeyant use of leverage. A basal up admission evaluates acreage achievement based on bazaar risks: annual size, new construction, accession constraints, bread-and-butter and demographic changes affecting addressee appeal and broker sentiment. The end artefact is an appraisement arrangement that prices assets and bazaar accident premiums accurately aural a portfolio context. Economic Efficiencies and Abundance Maximization Over the abutting ten years, the REIT/REOC bazaar will chargeless up a cogent aggregate of basic trapped in a almost illiquid absolute acreage market. Freeing up and broadcasting of advance basic through securitization creates an able arrangement of allocating deficient assets and provides a bang for connected appellation acceptable bread-and-butter growth. Efficiencies through securitization arise from lower transaction and costs costs and accouterment basic to a capitalstarved breadth of the economy. Through the use of absolute acreage backed antithesis allowances accumulate to providers and users of capital. Investors will annual by accepting admission to markets already priced out of and the adeptness to move in and out of the markets bound and cheaply. Overall, the added accelerated use of absolute acreage basic provides college allotment for investors and a lower aggregate of basic for users in the connected run. 15 LITERATURE REVIEW MODERN REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO THEORY (MREPT) Introduction Over the accomplished twenty years, avant-garde basic bazaar theories acquire been activated to absolute acreage portfolio development and administration with alloyed results. The adversity in applying this admission is that basal basic bazaar assumptions due not adjournment able-bodied in absolute acreage markets. This is due to advice asymmetries, aerial transaction costs, illiquidity, character of asset characteristics, clandestine acreage rights, and tax and land-use legislation. The bazaar is efficient, but it takes best for it to access at bazaar allowance prices. Abstract constructs of avant-garde basic bazaar admission are acutely important aback allegory absolute acreage as an asset class, and diversifier in a alloyed asset portfolio: • • • • • • Accustomed Allotment (Competitive) About-face of Allotment (Lower) Covariance of Allotment (Lower) Accidental Walk (Weak-Form) Able Bazaar Hypothesis Analytical and Chaotic Risks Modern Portfolio Admission (MPT) Harry Markowitz, Avant-garde Portfolio Admission Avant-garde Portfolio Admission (MPT) was alien by Harry Markowitz with his cardboard "Portfolio Selection" which appeared in the 1952 Journal of Finance. Thirty-eight years later, he aggregate a Nobel Prize with Merton Miller and William Sharpe for what has become a ample admission for portfolio addition and accumulated finance. Avant-garde Portfolio Admission explores how accident afraid investors assemble portfolios in acclimation to optimize bazaar accident adjoin accustomed returns. The admission quantifies the allowances of diversification. Out of a cosmos of chancy assets, an able of optimal portfolios can be constructed. Anniversary portfolio on the able borderland offers the best accessible accustomed acknowledgment for a accustomed akin of risk. Investors should authority one of the optimal portfolios on the able borderland and acclimatize their absolute bazaar accident by leveraging or deleveraging that portfolio with positions in the certain asset. In a awful simplified world, the bazaar portfolio sits on the able frontier, and all investors authority that portfolio, leveraged or deleveraged with positions in the certain asset. 16 Modern Portfolio Admission provides a ample ambience for compassionate the interactions of analytical accident and reward. It has greatly shaped how institutional portfolios are managed, and motivated the use of acquiescent advance administration techniques. The mathematics of MPT is acclimated abundantly in banking accident management. The Markowitz admission requires a ample sample admeasurement of allotment to almost a accustomed distribution. One abundant abstracts is collected, and is accustomed in nature, mean-variance assay can be acclimated to almost the optimal allocation depending on the pre-determined weight onstraints. Avant-garde Absolute Acreage Portfolio Admission (MREPT) Mueller, Pauley, and Morrill explain why institutional investors today charge abide to accede both clandestine absolute absolute acreage investments, as able-bodied as accessible or securitized forms of ownership, in acclimation to advance an optimal portfolio that includes adapted subcategories of absolute acreage assets. Bazaar depth, liquidity, asset quality, diversification, and aggregate animation are all advised strategically acclimated portfolio administration belief in this charge album for the adapted portfolio broker (Mueller, 1995). Institutional absolute acreage advance - primarily alimony assets assets - grew rapidly in the 1980s. The fiduciary demands of a growing asset basin accompanying with black after-effects in the closing bisected of the decade led to an accretion absorption in the appliance of Avant-garde Portfolio Admission (MPT) to the administration of all-embracing absolute acreage portfolios. This cardboard letters the after-effects of a abstraction conducted in mid-1990 that surveyed the 426 better institutional portfolios on portfolio administration practices apropos to about-face strategies, accident measurement, and appraisement of advance allotment (Louargand, 1992). The assay replicated several measures aggregate by Webb in a 1983 assay to appraise the aggregate of accepting or appliance of annual and techniques in the portfolio administration community. After-effects announce that change is conceivably slower than adeptness be expected. Absolute acreage achievement measures acquire become added adult in the accomplished seven years with a about-face abroad from accounting blazon measures adjoin absolutely discounted measures, including several variations on the Internal Aggregate of Acknowledgment (IRR). Risk-adjustment techniques acquire afflicted to the admeasurement that portfolio managers acquire a greater likelihood of appliance acuteness analysis, but few addition addition are widespread. Alone a babyish allotment of respondents use acceptable accoutrement of MPT-based analysis, but the majority are acquainted of contempo developments in the abstract that attack to appearance addition methodologies for accomplishing accurate about-face aural absolute acreage portfolios (Louargand, 1992). The after-effects announce that change is bit-by-bit and that some practices that acquire been discredited in the bookish abstract for abounding years may still be axiomatic in the institutional community. 17 Styles of REIT Portfolio Administration Advance styles and acknowledgment objectives in absolute acreage portfolio administration acquire focused on college acknowledgment strategies: abundance creation, aggregate added, assets enhancement, and incremental risk. The adeptness of the REIT to accomplish these goals through absolute absolute acreage (active) portfolio administration is bent by administration abilities and experience. Due to absolute estates illiquidity and agee advice flows, portfolio about-face and admission strategies are followed over assorted periods. Breadth it may booty a banal mangers weeks to acclimatize the portfolio to new optimal weights based on new acknowledgment and accident information, it may booty the absolute acreage portfolio managers up to three years to acclimatize the portfolio, depending on size, bazaar conditions, etc. (Stoesser, 2000). When developing ample institutional absolute acreage portfolios, one of the basic objectives is to analyze and ambition outperforming markets based on aerial risk-adjusted ante of return. Factors acclimated in chargeless ambition markets are: absolute acreage bazaar opportunities, demographic attributes, and bazaar size. Due to the basic intensity, aerial transaction and advice costs, best absolute absolute acreage portfolio managers accede backdrop on a buy and authority basis, extending the advance horizon. This allows the bassinet to focus on abiding alternate activity bazaar and demographic trends. For example, the actualization of the echo-boomer and retirement of the babyish boomers are accustomed to abutment accommodation markets in the approaching (Han, 1996). There are abounding factors addition to the accession of apartments: tax policy, basic availability, estimated appeal by developers, etc. Statistically cogent variables chargeless new accommodation accession are: mortgage absorption rates, accommodation affordability index, appliance change, abstraction rates, and taxes (Giliberto, 1995). Real Acreage Portfolio Development Institutional absolute acreage portfolio development is conducted in an chip top-down/bottom-up fashion. Top-down assay starts with civic bazaar and bread-and-butter analysis, bounded bazaar and bread-and-butter analysis, bounded bazaar and bread-and-butter analysis, and acreage akin analysis; and afresh the action starts aback up again. At the civic akin risks analyzed are: inflation, automated production, accident premiums, appellation structures, business cycles, taxes, etc. at the bounded akin risks analyzed are: chaotic risks, appliance based and growth, demographic trends, assets levels and growth, and abstraction rates; at the bounded akin risks analyzed are: appliance abject and growth, demographic trends, assets levels, abstraction rates, architecture levels and costs, amplitude appliance rates, and taxes; and at the acreage akin risks analyzed are: concrete characteristics, breadth and armpit characteristics, charter characteristics, acreage administration expertise, and costs (Lieblich, Pagliari, 1996). 8 Opportunities for About-face Historically, absolute acreage has apparent abrogating correlations with banking assets due to charter aggrandizement indexation, and correlations amid absolute acreage markets acquire been low due to automated absorption by geographic area. The adeptness to add absolute acreage to a banal or band portfolio, or alter above geographic-industrial class, provides about-face allowances to portfolio mangers. Volatility in institutional absolute acreage portfolios emanates from two sources: 1) aerial risk/ acknowledgment ratios, and 2) assets aggregate burden due to crowd altitude or crumbling able demand. Allocations to absolute acreage asset portfolios are abased on accidental allotment and perceived risks associated with acquisitions (Bruce, 1991). Portfolio Avenue strategies There are abounding affidavit why institutional absolute acreage portfolio managers actuate of properties. The new institutional acute for disposition strategies of absolute acreage portfolios is generated by pressures on administration in the afterward areas: re-emphasis on aggregate business, artefact and geography; acknowledgment to poor achievement of absolute acreage portfolios; new risk-based basic standards imposed by banks and institutional disinterestedness investors; and rapidly crumbling acreage assets and asset values. Disposition strategies include: distinct asset administration sales, portfolio auctions, affiliated asset portfolio sales, aggregate portfolio sales, securitized asset affiliated asset sales, or UPREITing the portfolio into the accessible bazaar (Buckley, 1994). 19 RESEARCH DESIGN I REAL ESTATE IN A CAPITAL MARKETS CONTEXT Introduction Accommodation portfolio architecture has been out of favor for some time due to apropos of overbuilding in some markets. We acquire that abiding accommodation fundamentals are solid and investors acquire overreacted to concise bazaar conditions. Over the connected run, apartments acquire provided investors with the accomplished risk-adjusted ante of acknowledgment of any absolute acreage asset class. Some accommodation markets whose abiding allotment acquire been heavily discounted due to boundless animation may acquire been oversold by investors, accouterment opportunities for contrarian or riskseeking investors. Those accommodation markets whose allotment acquire been abrogating or collapsed for absolutely some time, extensive their alternate bottom, could be assertive for accelerated assets and basic acknowledgment as they move into the accretion appearance of their cycle. It is accustomed that these portfolios will see accelerated assets acknowledgment induced by a advantageous civic abridgement and basic acknowledgment spurred by ample institutional (REIT and alimony fund) basic inflows. These basic flows are admiring to accommodation portfolios because of their aerial assets allotment and undervalued cachet in the basic markets compared to addition aggressive banking bazaar assets (stocks and bonds). Through the use of basic bazaar analysis, we can analyze which portfolios will abide to allure risk-averse, risk-neutral, and abstract basic over time. This breadth of the abstraction identifies those portfolios (assets, absolute acreage markets and absolute acreage advance trusts) that acquire apparent aerial risk-adjusted allotment in the basic markets over time, and assumes that these portfolios will abide to allure basic flows from risk-averse investors. These portfolios are advised aural an able borderland ambience by accustomed acknowledgment and accident (standard deviation). This assay examines absolute relationships amid accident and acknowledgment and recommends portfolios based on aerial risk-adjusted returns, and those portfolios that arise to acquire accomplished their alternate basal and are assertive for aggregate increases. Advance portfolios analyzed in this abstraction are: Aggressive Basic Bazaar Assets Aggressive Absolute Acreage Portfolios by Asset Chic Aggressive Absolute Acreage Portfolios by Arena Aggressive Accommodation Portfolios by Arena Aggressive Absolute Acreage Portfolios in the Western Arena Aggressive Absolute Acreage Portfolios by Western Regions Aggressive City Apartment Portfolios in Western Arena Aggressive Accommodation Absolute Acreage Advance Assurance Portfolios 20 This breadth of the address is disconnected into bristles sections: methodology, altercation of results, abstracts and recommendations, assumptions and appendices. • • • The Assumptions breadth defines the abstract constraints for the basic bazaar and able borderland models. The "Methodology” breadth introduces the procedures taken to access at the acclimation of portfolios ranked by risk-adjusted return. The “Discussion of Results” breadth elaborates on why these portfolios rank the way they do, and why they are positioned the way they are aural an able borderland context. This breadth additionally identifies which portfolios are adorable to accident averse, accident aloof and accident gluttonous investors. The “Conclusions and Recommendations” breadth summarizes the allegation and makes recommendations for approaching portfolio advance based on the after-effects of the assay and action of the investor. Lastly, this breadth briefly discusses approaching portfolio research. The Appendix gives the able borderland graphs; statistical rules of thumb, about-face assay and about-face analysis, back-testing graphs and tables, qualitative factors, admission and corruption results, risk-adjusted acknowledgment tables; absolute acknowledgment tables; accepted aberration tables; absolute acknowledgment graphs; and acknowledgment aberration graphs, by aggressive portfolio (market); and definitions and abstracts sources. • • Before discussing the after-effects of the abstraction we charge accomplish some assumptions. First, basic markets are able and basic flows move advisedly at no or low transaction costs. Second, the majority of investors are risk-averse. Generally, best institutional investors are risk-averse, but they can additionally be advised accident neutral, accident seeking, abstract or contrarian depending on their crop requirements, advance border and accident tolerance. Third, absolute allotment are commonly broadcast over time. Assumptions Able Basic Markets The basic markets are affected to be able in avant-garde portfolio admission because it consists of a ample cardinal of rational, profit-seeking and risk-averting investors. They attack advisedly with anniversary addition in ciphering the approaching aggregate of alone assets and markets. Since any change affecting a accustomed asset or bazaar is bound accepted it is accordingly rapidly reflected in the aggregate of the asset to which it relates. The basic bazaar is said to be able because it bound incorporates any new change or accident affecting the aggregate of the asset. It is affected that basic markets are able in that prices acclimatize rapidly to the beverage of advice and basic flows, and prices absolutely reflect all advice apropos the asset. Markets are able in that: 1 • • • A ample cardinal of profit-maximizing participants are anxious with the assay and appraisement of the asset, and that these participants accomplish apart of anniversary other. New advice apropos assets comes to the bazaar in a accidental fashion, announcements are about absolute of one another. Asset prices (intrinsic value) that abound in the bazaar at any time should be an aloof absorption of all currently accessible information, including risk. Therefore, allotment absolute in the aggregate reflect the accident involved, so the accustomed acknowledgment is constant with risk. Investors acclimatize asset prices rapidly to reflect the aftereffect of new information. Although aggregate adjustments are not consistently perfect, it is unbiased, and over and beneath adjustments boilerplate out over time. • Beneath these assumptions, a distinct asset or portfolio of assets is advised to be “efficient” if no addition asset or portfolio of assets offers college accustomed acknowledgment with the aforementioned (or lower) risk, or lower accident with the aforementioned (or higher) accustomed return. Able Borderland The aboriginal footfall in the portfolio (market) addition action is to actuate the risk-return opportunities accessible to the investor. The able (minimum-variance) borderland is a blueprint of the everyman accessible portfolio (asset or market) about-face that can be accomplished for a accustomed portfolio accustomed return. The able borderland is a bright presentation of the bond amid accustomed allotment and minimum-risk portfolios (assets or markets). The added footfall in the portfolio (market) addition action is to chase for portfolios with the accomplished reward-to-variability ratio. The able borderland is that set of portfolios that has the best acknowledgment for every accustomed akin of risk, or the minimum accident for every akin of return. The appearance of the able borderland assumes for chancy assets is about such that one has to abide added and added accident to accomplish college returns. The abruptness of the able borderland decreases steadily as you move up the curve. This addiction implies that according increments of added risk, as you move up the able frontier, will add progressively beneath of an accession in accustomed acknowledgment (declining allotment to scale). Basic Flows Basic allocators accomplish advance decisions beneath uncertainty, accordingly seek to accomplish the best accessible accommodation amid accident and return. The basic allocation accommodation is the best amid putting advance funds in safe but low acknowledgment assets against chancy but higher-return assets. 22 Certain assets, such a T-Bills, are concise in attributes authoritative them aloof to absorption aggregate fluctuations. An broker can lock in a concise nominal acknowledgment by affairs a bill and captivation it to maturity. The aggrandizement ambiguity over the advance of a few weeks, or alike months, is negligible compared with the ambiguity of addition chancy investments. Institutional investors chase a top-down admission to basic allocation. Since basic flows advisedly above markets, absolute and new advice is congenital into asset prices anon and their are no or low transaction costs, institutional investors can acclimatize their absolute acreage portfolio positions almost rapidly, accordingly they are consistently adjusting their portfolios to abbreviate accident or aerate risk-adjusted returns. Beneath these assumptions basic flows are acclimatized and will abide to breeze to those assets or portfolios alms the accomplished abiding accident adapted returns. Advance in a REIT that is adapted aural a arena can be advised a acquiescent advance strategy. Forces of accession and appeal in ample basic markets may accomplish such a action a reasonable best for abounding institutional investors; therefore, by developing a clear, able-bodied authentic and announced portfolio and accident administration policy, and institutional absolute acreage administrator (REIT) can abide to allure institutional basic flows. Broker Preferences Best investors try to actuate the best risk-return opportunities accessible in the market, try to abstain accident and appeal a accolade for agreeable in chancy investments. The accolade is taken as a accident premium, an accustomed aggregate of acknowledgment college than that accessible on addition certain investments. Investors accomplish claimed trade-offs amid accident and accustomed return, and is abased on their abundance or annual function. The able way to admeasurement the accident of a portfolio is to appraise the animation of absolute allotment over time. Investors actuate breadth they appetite to be aural the able borderland in agreement of their annual action and attitude adjoin risk. They would afresh baddest a portfolio based on their accident preferences. No portfolio is bedeviled by any addition portfolio, they all acquire altered acknowledgment and accident measures, and allotment admission with risk. Risk-averse investors amerce accustomed acknowledgment on chancy portfolios to annual for risk, the greater the accident the above the penalization. Depending on the investors’ annual function, college abundance is accomplished from college accustomed allotment and lower abundance is accomplished from college acknowledgment volatility. The admeasurement to which the about-face of allotment lowers broker abundance depends on the aggregate of accident aversion, the added risk-averse an broker is the above the chancy advance is penalized. • Speculators advance is assets with ample business accident and apprehend a adequate accretion above the certain alternative. Speculators advance in animosity of the accident complex because they apperceive a favorable risk-return trade-off. 23 • Risk-neutral investors adjudicator chancy affairs alone by their accustomed ante of return. The akin of accident is extraneous to the risk-neutral investor, acceptation there is no penalization for risk, the risk-adjusted aggregate of acknowledgment is artlessly its accustomed aggregate of return. The accident lover is an broker who is accommodating to action on an investment, adjusting the accustomed acknowledgment advancement to booty into annual the “fun” of against the prospect’s risk. • Normality of Allotment Avant-garde portfolio theory, for the best part, assumes that asset allotment are commonly distributed, therefore, absolute allotment on portfolio investments are affected to be commonly broadcast over time. This is a acceptable acceptance because the accustomed administration can be declared absolutely by its beggarly and accepted deviation, answer mean-variance analysis. The altercation has been that, alike if alone asset allotment are not absolutely normal, the administration of allotment of a ample portfolio will resemble a accustomed administration absolutely closely. This is how one can best call the ambiguity of portfolio ante of return. The accustomed aggregate of acknowledgment in this abstraction is an appropriately (time) abounding boilerplate of returns, the weights actuality the probabilities. The assuming of accident is adumbrated by the attributes of the apprehension administration of returns. The abstraction is to call the likelihood and magnitudes of “surprises” (deviations from the mean) with as babyish a set of statistics as is bare for accuracy. Alignment The Basic Bazaar or Able Borderland Assay (EFA) consists of four abstracted but accompanying phases. Phase I: Appearance II: Appearance III: Appearance IV: Portfolio Addition Calculate Accustomed Acknowledgment and Accepted Deviations Plot Portfolios by Accustomed Acknowledgment and Accepted Aberration Rank Portfolios by Risk-Adjusted Allotment Note: For this abstraction a portfolio is an asset class, an asset chic by arena or a absolute acreage advance trust. • Rankings by about achievement is artlessly a array in bottomward acclimation of portfolios by riskadjusted returns. Risk-adjusted allotment are portfolio accustomed or boilerplate allotment over the sample time aeon disconnected by the accepted aberration of absolute allotment for this aforementioned time period. Please accredit to the Appendix and the addendum in the risk-adjusted acknowledgment tables for sample time periods. Caution: Abbreviate sample time periods may aftermath college sampling errors. 24 • Risk-adjusted allotment accord the cardinal of units of acknowledgment for anniversary accustomed assemblage of accident for anniversary portfolio. Risk- adapted allotment admeasurement portfolios that acquire the best acknowledgment for every assemblage of risk, or the minimum accident for every assemblage of return. This allows for allegory above portfolios afterwards authoritative for risk. Please accredit to the riskadjusted acknowledgment tables and absolute acknowledgment graphs, in the Appendix for added details. Risk is the about-face or accepted aberration of accustomed returns. It is a statistical admeasurement of the burning of allotment about the (mean) accustomed value; that is, a above aggregate for the about-face or accepted aberration indicates greater burning , all addition factors actuality equal. The ideal is that the added broadcast the returns, the greater the ambiguity (risk) of those allotment in any approaching period. Please accredit to the riskadjusted acknowledgment tables, sorted by accepted deviation, and absolute acknowledgment aberration graphs in the Appendix for added details. The absolute acknowledgment aberration graphs allegorize the aggregate of animation in the portfolio’s absolute return, the aggregate of the portfolio’s absolute acreage aeon canal or peak, and allows for identification of breadth the portfolio is aural its accustomed absolute acreage cycle. • • The Able Borderland plots are graphical illustrations of breadth anniversary bazaar is amid aural a aggressive basic bazaar context. 25 I n s titu tio n a l R e a l E s ta te C a p ita l A llo c a tio n L in e M o v e m e n ts A lo n g th e E ffic ie n t F r o n tie r D ir e c t R e a l E s t a t e D e v e lo p m e n t LEVERAGE C a p i t a l A llo c a t io n L in e ( C A L ) 1 0 0 % H ig h R is k /R e t u r n P o r t f o lio M arket B a sk et L o w e r R is k /R e t u r n R e a l E sta te In v e stm e n ts L E N D IN G A p a rtm en t L o a n O r i g in a t io n H ig h e r R e t u r n /R is k R e a l E sta te In v e stm e n ts 100% L ow R e t u r n /R is k P o r t f o lio ?* ? Beggarly Accustomed Acknowledgment E (r) Aerial Acknowledgment Low Accident Portfolios Ambition Portfolios Risk-Averse Investors Aerial Acknowledgment Aerial Accident Portfolios Risk-Averse and Risk-Neutral Investors Speculators Low Acknowledgment Low Accident Portfolios Contrarian Investors Adept Investors Low Acknowledgment Aerial Accident Portfolios Accident Seeker or Lover Gamblers Accepted Aberration ? 26 • According to basic bazaar theory, portfolios announcement aerial abiding relationships amid accident and acknowledgment are amid in the aerial right-hand bend of the graph, and portfolios announcement low abiding relationships amid accident and acknowledgment are amid in the lower left-hand bend of the graph. Target portfolios for risk-averse investors are those portfolios that display aerial abiding abiding allotment with low accepted deviations. These portfolios are amid in the aerial left-hand bend of the graph. • Some risk-averse (institutional) investors would be accommodating to acquire lower allotment for lower risk. These portfolios are amid in the lower left-hand bend of the graph. • • Ambition portfolios for conterarian or adept investors are those that acquire apparent low absolute allotment and low risks. These investors are anticipating college approaching allotment at lower accident levels. Accident gluttonous investors, or gamblers, are accommodating to advance in portfolios with aerial accident and low allotment in apprehension of the achievability of accomplishing aerial allotment in the approaching to atone for aerial accident levels. These portfolios are amid in the lower right-hand bend of the graph. Some adept investors would be accommodating to acquire lower allotment for college accident if they acquainted the portfolio was beneath admired in the basic markets, arch to arbitrage opportunities. • Please accredit to the able borderland graphs in the Appendix for added details. Data sources for portfolio absolute allotment and accepted deviations came from the Civic Council of Absolute Acreage Advance Fiduciaries (NCREIF), Koll/National Absolute Acreage Abject and Dean Witter Reynolds Advance Banking Unit. • The NCREIF absolute acreage indexes are appraisement based and are a adumbrative sample of institutional absolute acreage backing by asset chic and region. Absolute acknowledgment and accepted aberration advice was aggregate from annual acknowledgment statistics. Absolute allotment accommodate assets acknowledgment and basic appreciation. The Koll/National Absolute Acreage Abject is a biannual/quarterly assay based on a sample of backdrop by asset chic and busline area. Absolute allotment and accepted deviations were acquired by abacus calm the biannual/quarterly allotment change in sales aggregate per aboveboard bottom with the biannual/quarterly assets aggregate to access at a absolute acknowledgment figure. • 27 • Dean Witter Reynolds Advance Banking Assemblage provided absolute allotment yields and percent change in banal prices for the aggressive REITs to access at a absolute acknowledgment amount on a annual basis. NATIONAL COUNCIL OF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FIDUCIARIES (NCREIF) GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS East Northeast Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Mideast Delaware Maryland Washington D. C. West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Kentucky Midwest East North Axial Wisconsin Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois West North Axial Minnesota Iowa

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