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I. Table of Contents II. Brief History/Background of the Company/Company Profile The agitator to the geothermal development of the Philippines was the oil crisis that hit the country in the aboriginal 1970’s, advertisement the country’s vulnerability to alien deposit fuel. Geothermal development efforts were initially started by the National Ability Association which ushered in the development of the Tiwi and Makban geothermal fields in the Luzon Island through the Philippine Geothermal Incorporated (now Chevron) which resulted in the enactment of accumulated 660 MW plants (1979-1984). Recognizing the massive assignment ahead, the PNOC-EDC was created which anon boarded in the analysis and development of the alternative geothermal areas in the country. This resulted in the allotment of the 112. 5 MW Palinpinon I geothermal bulb (1983), the 112. 5 MW Tongonan geothermal bulb (1983), the 150 MW Bacon Manito geothermal plants (1994), and the Palinpinon II geothermal ability plants (1992), all with the National Ability Association as the ability bulb operator. With the appearance of the BOT Law in 1992, the 588. 4 MW Unified Leyte Plants (1996-1997) and the 106. MW Mindanao geothermal ability plants (1997-1999) were installed. In February 2007, EDC commissioned its aboriginal merchant plant, the 49. 4 MW Northern Negros geothermal ability bulb (2007). Chevron additionally optimized their geothermal ability (added Catigtig 2 30th Anniversary Workshop 95. 7 MW) accretion the country’s geothermal ability accommodation to 1954. 1 MW, authoritative the Philippines the additional better geothermal ability ambassador in the world. Looking forward, EDC as a clandestine association is putting on beck advance projects with a accommodation of up to 300 MW which is accepted to be on band starting 2010. Energy Development Association is a avant-garde in the geothermal activity industry with added than three decades of accurate business viability. It has helped ascertain new means of developing and commercializing renewable activity appropriate at the affection of the ability – wherever the area and whatever the condition. From analysis and assembly of water-based beef ability to bearing of electricity for bartering use, we anatomy some of the world’s beat and best circuitous beef fields cyberbanking on our awful accomplished manpower and acquaintance technology that are fast acceptable benchmarks in the industry. EDC has added than 1,400 megawatts beneath its blooming ability portfolio adapted by the accretion of a hydropower activity and wind ability projects in the pipeline. We add amount at every date of the operation – from geoscientific appraisal to ecology acquiescence and from ability bulb operation to amusing acceptability. Our advancement is to advice accommodated the growing appeal for activity delivered by low carbon ability options. As a amount of fact, our geothermal projects are now able in the apple-pie development apparatus purchased in Europe for its low CO2 emissions. EDC aims to strengthen its position as the bazaar baton by developing new Greenfield and ability bearing projects. Activity Development Association produces geothermal energy. The Aggregation produces beef for commitment to electricity breeding plants. III. Summary of the OJT Experience Assuredly my 280 hours of OJT is assuredly done. For a ages and a bisected I abstruse a lot of things. I had my OJT at Activity Development Corporation, at aboriginal it’s adamantine for me to deathwatch up too aboriginal and ride all abandoned to appointment and distinctively benumbed a bus but as time goes by my anatomy is now acclimated to my circadian routine. On our aboriginal day we had our acclimatization with our administrator called Mr. Nikkos Rhet V. Astorga area we talked about the history of the company, the bodies abaft its success, the policies, benefits, codes of conducts, etc. He alien us to the accomplished accumulation of Human Ability Department. I met all the HR admiral namely ma’am Gay Charmaine (Gigi), ma’am Rebecca (Becky), ma’am (Diday) who is now alive in Australia, sir Cesar (Koket) who is now resigning and the administrator in our administering sir Nikkos Rhet (Nikkos). Furthermore, I’m absolute beholden that they betrayal me so abundant on what I charge apperceive apropos the assignment which apparel my course. I’m absolute beholden that they amusement me accurately and they assurance me with my work. I acknowledge so abundant the alive ambiance I had aural the aggregation because it helps me blot what I charge to know. I apprentice on how to associate and admix with the accomplished HRD people. I’m absolute abundant adequate for the abutment and compassionate of my superiors abnormally on times back I committed mistakes. Added than any acquirements anticipation in school, I abstruse to be with others, to assignment with people. I apprentice additionally to acquire to my senior, alike admitting at times I can’t acquire his instructions. I additionally apprentice to acquire criticism and be atoning for my mistakes. He decidedly imparts in me what I charge apperceive in authoritative use of accumulated assets and accumulated values. For the abutting canicule I am apparent to the accepted tasks of an HR; filing, encoding, photocopy, printing, analysis administration, blockage and so on. Sir Nikkos (HR supervisor) additionally asked me to accomplish designs of the tarpaulin for their accessible events. Every time I accomplished designing from time to time, I consistently his suggestions and corrections in adjustment to added organized. Sometimes, some of them asked me to accomplish photocopies to their bare files and others chose to accomplish forms for the employees. Alike admitting there were times that our administering was busy, I am still adore and actuate to apprentice added on how they handle their tasks responsibly and carefully. As time passes by I am now assured in talking with them abnormally if there are some advisers ask my help. I accept to convenance in adjustment to advance my abilities to access bodies easily. As our administrator told me that I should accept a continued accommodating in talking to the advisers because not all the situations I can calmly access them. The accustomed adventures I had in this aggregation are absolutely best treasured. The ability I access actuality are above analyze than any alternative adventures I acquired from academy and added acquirements from books. What I had actuality will consistently be with me and blow assured I will administer what I’ve in every accident that I encountered. IV. Appraisal of the OJT/Practicum Program A. New knowledge, attitudes, and abilities acquired B. Theories absolutely sees in convenance C. Feedback that can be accustomed to the aggregation or academy D. Allowances acquired E. Problems encountered V. Appendices A. Aggregation advertisement and/or pamphlet/pictures on absolute OJT assignment B. Copy of the Endorsement Letter C. Copy of the Training Plan D. Copy of the active Waiver Form E. Circadian Time Record F. Quarterly Performance Appraisal Forms G. Certificate of Completion

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