Essay about Is Globalization Americanization?

The catechism is “does an item’s history and agent accomplish it assured American? ” The acknowledgment to the antecedent catechism candidly is yes and no. There are several items a allotment of our American ability that do accomplish that specific account assured American. But absolutely honestly, the United States outsources their appurtenances and assets acceptation that a country as a accomplished maintains several items, such as fabrics, aliment and toys, from alternative countries. The alone acumen why we do this is because it is cheaper for our economy. Looking about the house, there are several items that say “Made in China”, “Made in Mexico”, and “Made in Vietnam”. These items are awash on the shelves of above corporations actuality in America, but they are acutely not American items. They are aloof awash in American and outsourced by America so in turn, the ‘history’ of these items accomplish them American. For example, one of the toys that was bought for a accompany daughter, was fabricated in addition country, but back attractive on the amalgamation the toy was originally came in, it states that it was alien an packaged actuality in the United States. Globalization is absolutely a advance of American ability and carnality versa. Countries nowadays are annihilation but a melting pot of alternative cultures. The best accepted fast aliment alternation that started off in America and went all-embracing was McDonalds. In anniversary two, we had a altercation catechism abject aloft whether McDonalds was an announcement of American and all-around cultures. McDonalds is added so an announcement of the American ability in alternative countries. Alternative countries, such as China, accept congenital a McDonalds industry in adjustment to acquaint the American ability to their youth. Our cine industry in America has taken over the apple by storm. There are abounding films that are American films that ‘go big’ in alternative countries or are alien to alternative countries about the aforementioned time that they are alien to the American culture. Sometimes, the films are added acknowledged beyond than actuality in the States. Two absolute examples of an American blur that not alone took off actuality in The United States but internationally as able-bodied would be The Twilight Saga and all Harry Potter films. The origins of the books were from American authors but already they were fabricated into acknowledged films, they took off internationally. These movies are two absolute examples as to the advance of American ability globally. Music is a adamantine one to acquisition an archetype of for the analysis assignment. No amount whom the artisan is, the apparatus is or genre, one way or another, not one of them is absolutely American. Artists are aggressive by alternative artists that are, nine times out of ten, an oldies artisan that originated from addition country. There are abounding all-embracing artists. Either they started in addition country an afresh began touring in the United States forth with affairs records, they afresh became American music ‘icons’. There are some artists that got their above almanac characterization arrangement the America, and afresh became all-embracing celebrities. The above agreeable groups that could affect to the Americanization and Globalization of the music industry would be the Beatles, Monkees and Selena. In conclusion, there are abounding items in the American ability that accept gone global. To acknowledgment the accompaniment question, is Americanization Globalization? Yes. There are so abounding altered examples that can affect to the said question, so, already again, the American ability has hit the all-around market. But afresh again, there are abounding items that are fabricated in addition country for America. The accurate analogue of globalization can alter from actuality to person. In my apperception and my definition, globalization is the altered cultures that appear calm as ‘one’. Our ability is apparent in several countries beyond the globe, as able-bodied as those countries actuality approved out actuality in America.

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