Essay about Introduction to Forensic Science

1. What is the NIBIN? NIBIN is the National Integrated Ballistic Identification Network that was created by the FBI and the ATF in 1999. 2. What is rifling? What two types of arrangement does this produce? Rifling is back anniversary gun is accustomed circling grooves by the manufacturer. The circling grooves are cut into the butt of a gun in adjustment to accomplish a ammo circuit as it is fired. Rifling produces grooves and lands. 3. What is a ambit determination? How is this done? A ambit assurance is the action of ciphering the ambit amid area a attempt is accursed and its target. This is generally done by attractive at the patterns of crumb balance and the attempt pattern. 4. What is the Greiss Test? The Greiss Test uses chemicals to advance armament balance patterns, decidedly about ammo holes. 5. Back a ammo is retrieved, how is it apparent for identification purposes? What should be avoided? Once a ammo has been retrieved, it is usually apparent with the investigator's initials, generally at the tip or abject of the bullet. The abandon of the ammo should not be marked. Care has to be taken that this mark does not awning or abstruse any striations or arrangement on the bullet. Critical Thinking Questions 1. If you begin a firearm at a abomination scene, what accomplish would you booty in adjustment to carriage the weapon to the lab? First, I would accomplish a agenda about the position of the gun’s assurance and hammer. Then, I would allegation to unload the gun afore it is transported or handled in analysis. Finally, I would booty anniversary annular from the firearm and abode it in a abstracted envelope. 2. Why do you anticipate it ability be advantageous to apperceive the ambit amid a gun accursed and its target? It would be advantageous to apperceive the ambit because if you apperceive the distance, you ability be able to acquisition added clues as to who committed the abomination based on area they attempt the victim. 3. If you were in allegation of retrieving bullets at a abomination scene, what accomplish would you booty to retrieve a ammo and booty it to the abomination lab? If I were in allegation of retrieving bullets at a abomination arena I would aboriginal accept to acquisition a way to abolish the ammo out while attention any accessible arrangement on the bullet. Then the bullets can be placed into a apparent alembic for identification purposes. Then to carriage the ammo to the abomination laboratory, I’d blanket the ammo in tissue paper and placed in an envelope or pillbox. I would accept to be accurate with the administration and packaging of the bullet, because I would accept to be accurate to bottle any trace affirmation that ability be present on the bullet. 4. What are some of the challenges in allegory apparatus marks? Some of the challenges in allegory apparatus marks is it is difficult to alike the mark larboard by accoutrement through tests in the class and apparatus marks may not consistently accord alone characteristics. 5. What is the Doppler Effect? How can the Doppler Effect be advantageous for a argumentative analysis involving a shooting? It is important for a argumentative scientist to actuate the ambit from a gun to a ballista because in some cases a actor accused of annihilation may say that the cutting happened in self-defense. Figuring out the ambit amid the two individuals may accord an adumbration of whether the actor is cogent the accuracy or not. Similarly, alive an almost ambit of a attempt can advice argumentative scientists actuate if a afterlife was a suicide or a assassination fabricated to attending like a suicide.

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