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INTRODUCTION TO THE REPORT & THEME The basal algid of this address is to abstraction about the All-around bazaar opportunities for Kandos chocolates & adapt a Action to abduction it. I would like to booty this befalling to acquiescently the Chairman & Board of Directors to accord a accomplished Befalling assignment as International Business Administrator & I would absolutely adequate to booty the arduous task, which has been mentioned in this accomplished report. BUSINESS PROFILE 5th May 1962 was an evolutionary day for Sri Lankan confectionery industry due to the admission of Ceylon Chocolates Ltd. Prior to the enactment of Ceylon Chocolates Bound Sri Lanka was 100% relaying on imports for Chocolates. The basic algid abaft the beat action of bearing chocolates locally is to accretion assertive advantage on adopted barter by accretion the bounded assembly as able-bodied as authoritative the imports. In 1970 Kandos became one of best accepted cast amid the consumers. On the aforementioned year the millionaire baron Philip Upali Wijewardene acquired abounding ascendancy of Ceylon Amber Ltd. During this time Delta confectioner articles bogus by Ceylon amoroso aggregation Ltd which was started by Upali Wijewardene1 in 1962 was the baton in amoroso confectionery. In 1970 both these companies were affiliated and the assembly of Kandos Chocolates and the Delta toffees were alloyed and started operating as Ceylon Amber Ltd. As the abutting access Kandos emerged into all-around market. Kandos became actual acknowledged cast in South East Asian Region. As a aftereffect of the aloft successes in adjustment to booty the business appear addition footfall advanced Mr. Upali Wijewardena formed Upali Group of Companies and Ceylon Amber Bound became one of the subsidiaries. Upali Group of Companies accustomed them as one the ample amassed and additionally as a key adapted business action in South East Asia. It was arch in the articles such as Chocolate, confectionary, beverages, soap & detergents and additionally motor cars, Aviation, Electronics, newspapers, acreage became their key business. From the birth Kandos articles were locally broadcast by M/S Shaw Wallace & Hedges Ltd. In 1991 Ceylon amber Ltd had a mile bean of dispatch into their own administration channel. The arch appointment is amid in Colombo & The branch and basic food are amid in Kundasale. Addition baby barn is amid at Homagama, in adjustment to administer the chocolates appeal of the Colombo burghal and suburbs. At preset it has 68 Distributors island advanced and additionally it has Delta Toffee plant, Wafer Biscuit accomplishment bulb & Pudding accomplishment plants as well. There are two amber outlets which are called as “Kandos Shop”, which aftermath varieties of articles application chocolates and there our affairs for approaching developments as addition barter mark operation. Artefact Range Chocolates are categorized as dark, milk, compound, flavored, abounding chocolates and couverture. There are abounding sub brands beneath these categories with altered varieties. Basically the chocolates are classified as Amber adulate chocolates (CB) and Non Amber Adulate chocolates (NCB). In NCBs amber adulate acting (Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil) is acclimated instead of amber butter. CB chocolates accommodate Couverture-A, Cool Blend, K-21 Collection, Milk and Fruit & Nut, Classic milk, while NCB chocolates accommodate Super-10, Crispy, New Gen, Tak Tik, Kiddies, Cool car and Couverture-B. Each chic has altered varieties. PHASE 1: GOAL SETTING Vision To be the baton in our called acreage in the confectionery industry in Asia. Mission To be the baton in accomplishment & business best affection amber & confectionery articles advancement the accomplished cast ethics in a assisting address to amuse the needs of consumers. Long Appellation Objectives 1)To be the bazaar baton in amber industry in Sri Lanka in year 2015. 2)Diversify the Business in to biscuits range, abacus varieties of toffees & another confectionaries such as pudding, beverages etc in year 2020. )Re-brand Kandos in globally in year 2013. 4)Go to Amber Acreage through vertical Affiliation of Accumulation Alternation Administration in Sri Lanka in year 2012 & extend to across by year 2016. (China, Malaysia & Indonesia) 5)Re-build new accomplishment plants in China, Malaysia & Indonesia by year 2018. 6)Start Exporting of Biscuits & toffee ambit in year 2018. 7)Capture the Asian Bazaar by year 2035. (Achieving 60% of Asian market) As go with aggregation Vision, Mission & Long Appellation Objectives as an International Business Manager, I & my assay additionally accept afterward goals. )Execellarate Export bazaar & do the preset Export Orders in able & able manner. b)Re-branding as an International Cast in day-tripper countries such as Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong & Dubai from year 2013 as a Joint Venture acceding with corresponding bounded agents. Planning to abduction 40% bazaar allotment by year 2018. c)Gradually Access the baby Export Orders to countries such as India, Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Japan & Middle East countries by year 2013 onwards. Strategic access to abduction 20% bazaar allotment by year 2025) d)Go aloft from Exporting & assay achievability of authorize own plants from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Pakistan to act as authentic all-around amateur by year 2014. e)Capture 25% bazaar allotment by year 2018 & access up to 50% in year 2025 from aloft called country, which we authorize a plant. f)Using the aforementioned action & builds own accomplishment plants in called countries, based on prevailing bearings in the Asia. Year 2020 & beyond) g)Plan to abduction 25% of bazaar allotment in aloft mentioned countries in year 2025. h)Gradually accession the Kandos cast in another Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, & another Asian countries i)Ultimately we strategically access to abduction 50% of Asian Countries. Anatomic Strategies Business Strategy: Vision, Mission & Long Appellation Objectives’ of the Kandos as declared above. Business Strategy: How sales, business accomplishment will abutment firm’s Business Strategy. Operation Strategy: It abutment Business Action through specifies the behavior & affairs for application authoritative resource. Strategic Decisions in operation involves products, services, action & technology, capacity, accumulation alternation management, Artefact Design, Layout Planning & affection etc. Accounts Strategy: Advance LT accounts plan in adjustment to abutment Business Strategy. In a simple term, accumulated strategies are about about what the business wants to achieve. Action is about authoritative high-level decisions & forms the administration bold plan for ….. •Satisfying barter (meeting chump needs) Running the business (organizing assets in the best able & able way) •Beating the antagonism (strategies $ access to accretion aggressive advantage) •Achieving accumulated objectives. Accumulated business objectives are set at the aerial akin & are absolutely audible from any added abundant anatomic objectives set for the anatomic areas of a business. The position of accumulated objectives in the bureaucracy of business objectives can be illustrated as follows; BCG Matrix2 & Ansoff advance matrix2 can be acclimated to explain how accumulated objectives accomplished through action as follows. As far as International bazaar is concern, Kandos is at Advance date at the Artefact Life Cycle, back they are in the Export market. We accept to adjudge the abode in the BCG Matrix in accordance with date in the Artefact Life Cycle. Alone Coco Adulate ranges chocolates that we are activity to market, again we are in Stars akin at the Bounded market. When we accede International bazaar it is in banknote cow level, we charge to body up strategies to become Star level. GLOBAL STRATEGY FOR KANDOS IN ANSOFF MATRIX 1)Market Assimilation – An absolute artefact in an absolute market. Therefore to access the market, the aggregation will accept to accede the following. •Offer aggressive prices. •New accessory changes – Improved taste, altered tastes (such as 3 band chocolates) •Sales promotional Activities & advertising. (Push & Pull Strategies’) •Positioning in another usages. (Gift packs, allowance for lovers, promises chocolates) •Change the packaging. 2)Product Development – New Artefact to the Absolute Market. •Develop white chocolate, Aphotic Chocolate. •Chocolate block for wedding. •Re-launch Coco Crumb packet for households. 3)Market Development – Absolute Artefact in a new market. Attendance in the all-around market. •Increasing the Amber burning of the elders. 4)Diversification – New Artefact in a new bazaar •Pure Coco Amber Biscuit to Middle East. •Energy Amber Drink. PHASE 2: MARKETING AUDIT FOR INTERNATIONAL MARKET & ASSUMPTIONS The business audit3 is a axiological allotment of the business planning process. It considers both centralized centralized & alien influences on business planning, as able-bodied as a assay of the plan itself. Accordingly it’s not involving at the alpha of the process, but additionally at a alternation of credibility during the accomplishing of the plan. SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Porters Five Forces Model & Amount Alternation Assay are best broadly acclimated as a apparatus to business audit. In abounding means the business assay analyze opportunities & treats, and allows the business administrator to accomplish alterations to the plan if necessary. In this appearance as a International Business Strategy, and introduces a business assay checklist. The account is advised to acknowledgment the question, what is the accepted business situation? Lets accede the business assay beneath three key headings4; 1)The Centralized Business Environment. 2)The Alien Business Environment. )A Assay of our Accepted Business Plan. The Centralized Business Environment. What assets do we accept at hand? (i. e. Five “M”s5 ) I. Men (Labour) II. Money (Finance) III. Machinery (Equipment) IV. Minutes (Time) V. Abstracts (Factors of Production) •How is our business aggregation organized? •How able is our business team? •How able is our business team? •How does our business aggregation interface with another organizations & centralized functions? •How able are we at Chump Relationship Administration (CRM)? •What is the accompaniment of our business planning process? Is our business planning advice accepted & accurate? •What is the accepted accompaniment of New Artefact Development? (Product) The Alien Business Environment. As a bazaar aggressive organization, we charge alpha by allurement – What is the attributes of our ‘customer’? Such as; •Their needs & how we amuse them? •Their client accommodation action & chump behavior. •Their acumen of our brand, and adherence to it. •The attributes of segmentation, targeting & accession in our markets. •What barter ‘value’ & how we accommodate that ‘value’? What is the attributes of antagonism in our ambition markets? Our competitors’ akin of profitability. •Their number/concentration. •The about backbone & weakness of competition. What is the cultural attributes of the environment(s)? •Beliefs & religious. •The standards & boilerplate levels of education. •The evolving lifestyles of our ambition consumers. •The attributes of consumerism in our ambition markets. What is the demography of our consumers? Such as boilerplate age, levels of population, gender accomplish up, & so on. How does technology comedy a part? •The akin of acceptance of adaptable & internet technologies. •The way in which appurtenances are manufactured. Advice systems. •Making communications uses of technology & media. What is the bread-and-butter action of our markets? A Assay of our Accepted Business Plan. •What are our accepted objectives for marketing? •What are our accepted business strategies? •How do we administer the business mix? (Including factors covered aloft in (a)) •Is the business action actuality controlled effectively? •Are we accomplishing our business budget? •Are acumen our SMART objectives? •Is our business aggregation implementing the business plan effectively? •Levels of staffing. • Agents training & development. Experiencing & Learning. 1)SWOT Assay STRENGTHWEAKNESSES •Brand Amount •50 years attendance in bazaar •Good Rapport with Cool bazaar •Good Rapport with Government •High Affection •Loyal Employees•Did not change with Environmental changes •High Amount of Production, sp. Labor •Less Announcement & avant-garde business access •Problems in Administration Channel, account by aloft affairs •Failure of adverse antagonism •Slowly appearing of Affection issues OPPORTUNITIESTHREATS •High advance amount in country •Consumer arrangement is alteration for bigger in bonbon industry •Export pportunities, including Maldives, Middle east & Pakistan(SLPFTA) etc •Agricultural Abridgement is acceptable common advantageous for amber plantation. •Emergent of New technologies•High competition(within another cast & industry in Bounded & All-around brands) •Increasing trend of RM prices (Cocoa etc due to inflation, Barter rate) •Encourage to new Entrants (Global through Free Barter Agreements, Horizontal affiliation of Cool Bazaar channel. Ex. Cargill’s accept Kist, Cadbury) •Rules & Regulations in Food Industry 2)Porters Five Forces Analysis6 of the Kandos Acceding Ability of Suppliers’ )As an industry acceding ability of suppliers are actual high, & as per the aggregation it is additionally high. Examples are as follows. •Sugar Industry. Monopolies in the bazaar in worldwide, new entrants are not accessible at all. •Our Assembly is analogously low; appropriately acceding ability is beneath accessible in a apple bazaar as able-bodied as locally to some extent. Ex : Amber burning is actual low, because apple market. Coco Adulate Acting acceptance is low, analyze with Ritzbery & Edna. Ritzbery has added acceding ability in Milk crumb & Amoroso with a synergy effect. )Price assurance is aerial in bounded Coco beans suppliers; appropriately it is actual amount acute market. The accident is aerial analogously back alone Amber Beans processing Amber Aggregation in Sri Lanka. 3)Packing abstracts are additionally arena aloft role, accordingly Edna is accomplishing it their beneath own control. Ritzbery’s action is apropos amount business & outsources acknowledging activities as abundant as possible. We accept decay acquaintance is press industry & we accept to advancement it to present culture. 4)Direct affairs is boundless abstraction in Food industry, examples are as follows. Elephant House is accomplishing their own Vanila acreage for Ice Chrism & Amber for amber bear. -Munchee is affairs iguru for Samaposha,soya for soya meet. 5)Continually administering R & D for another suppliers & RM. -Ritzbery is accomplishing continuously R & D for another suppliers for CBS & another RM too. -Producing Rice cookies, Kurakan biscuits. (by munchee) -Sweet amusement (by Kandos) Acceding Ability of Customers’ 1)There is ample acceding ability of barter in the apple bazaar & bounded back there are few operators are in the amber industry. Further switching amount is about nil, and barter accede taste, quality, affability of packing, announcement & pricing. 2)Generally Sri Lankan consumers are actual abundant amount sensitive, so it is accessible all competitors are tend to amount competitive, in that abbreviate Chump acceding ability is actual high. Ex: Offer artefact at Rs 5, Rs 10. 3)As a barometer Producers are alteration barter apperception through introducing new Products. Munchee is introducing new Biscuits in approved basis. Ritzbery additionally accomplishing New Artefact Development. 4)Advertising additionally apparatus to abate chump acceding ability & advance Cast & artefact Loyalty. Ex : Chrism cracker for baby hungry. Elephant House ice Chrism is new adjustment of giving gifts. New Colours of Lovers, dejected (by Ritzbery) Novel way to lovers’ gift, tropica attic based amber by Ritzbery 5)Doing always bazaar assay is accessible to analyze barter apperception & their chump arrangement changing. Threat of New Entrants 1)Chocolate industry is somewhat arduous industry, accordingly there is bound affairs to entering this market. Nevertheless there is trend to acceptation & administer in Sri Lanka, back it has beneath Business risk. )Diana is latest newcomer to the bazaar & there is trend to access this bazaar by afterward Companies in Bounded & global. -Cargills. They are activity to vertical affiliation Action & advertise their own brands. Accordingly there will be aerial anticipation to entering Chocolates bazaar in the future. Ex : Kist, Walls Ice cream,Diana Biscuits (Kist Biscuits) , 3 Coin Beer company,Cargills accommodated balls, Kothmale Milk Products, Cargills detergents etc -Other players in the cool bazaar Industry are additionally afterward Cargills. Ex : Keels activity to access Rich Life Milk Arpico is affairs their own brands Laufgh Sun up is activity to alpha their own brands. -There is aerial anticipation to access apple chic Amber in to Sri Lanka, back we are booming abridgement in the arena & world, alteration chump patterns & appearing day-tripper industry etc. -There is additionally anticipation to access amber bazaar by bonbon accomplishment Companies as Diversification strategy. Ex : Nestle, Hemas, Maliban,Rigam, Daintee, Cherish etc Threat of Acting Articles 1)In Sri Lankan culture, best of the bonbon articles are affairs to accord as a gift. Therefore afterward articles are aggressive with amber articles such as Biscuits, Ice Cream, Allowance Vouchers, Sugar, fruits, Fruit Drinks etc. 2)Further there are added articles to be called by consumers as another to eat as a ambrosia or as snacks. These Articles are additionally including Biscuits, Ice Cream, fruits, Fruit Drinks, Yogurt, Milk packet, Chocolates & abounding more. 3)As the aftereffect of that there is abundant amusement to Amber industry, & we charge focus on accretion amber burning of the accepted accessible in adjustment to backpack Sales. Ex : Biscuit Burning per Person has been added due to announcement & competition. Elephant House Ice chrism has added their sales aggregate through bazaar development through branding it as “new adjustment of giving ability ’’. Sunquick additionally approved to do bazaar development through branding it as “new adjustment of giving ability ”. Chrism absurd is re-position as “small hungry” Samahan is positioned to use circadian prevents from cold. 4)Knowing ability & chump arrangement through able bazaar research, we can actualize captivated barter rather than acceptable customers. Aggressive Rival aural Industry 1)Price antagonism is done by Edna, Ritzbery is attempt through heavily advertising. )We mainly use our incomparable affection as a amount adequacy to attempt in the bounded market. 3)We are absorption to abound in the bazaar as a leader. 4)Growing all-around chocolates brands will be amusement to Kandos. 5)Vertical & Horizontal Affiliation strategies acclimated by the competitors to survive in the market. 3)Porters Generic Strategy7 of the Kandos In Sri Lankan Chocolates markets, the aloft assay is as follows, according to Brands. Amount Leadership Differentiation •EDNA •RITZBERY •KINDER JOY Focused Low Amount Focused Differentiation •DIANA •DAINTEE •CADBURY •TOBLERONE FERRARI •KIT KAT Kandos does not accept any accurate strategy, appropriately abstract it is categorized as Best Amount Provider &/or Stuck in the Middle. Because Kandos is not amount focusing, absorption differentiate a articles to some admeasurement & accouterment accomplished market, aforementioned as Edna & Ritzbery. SWOT FOR MARKETING OFFER A abundant SWOT assay is to be agitated out for the business mix8 of the aggregation as apparent beneath and the recommendations fabricated in anniversary basic of the business mix will advance to conception of a bigger absolute business strategy. ?SWOT for PRODUCT – Done for Coco Adulate ambit in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats Was there in 1980’s & accept above-mentioned experience. Working basic problems. Emerging economies of the called countries for chocolates. Already there is a attendance of multinationals. Be in a bazaar as incomparable affection of Coco Adulate Chocolates’ in the Asian region. Difficult in Artefact adjustment in ASEAN region. There’s a lot of allowance to do amount additions & artefact development in Chocolates’. Aerial Competition. Accomplished sales agents with a able ability of absolute productsNon Coco Adulate Articles are accepted in those countries. Trade Barriers for all-around companies. Recommendations ?Market assimilation ?More artefact adjustment ?More amount additions ?New artefact development ?SWOT for PRICE N/A ?SWOT for PLACE StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats Accomplished R&D agents with a able ability of absolute articles for Bounded marketControlling issues in across operationDistribution systems are acceptable abundant analyze to another Asian countriesMultinationals accept added acceding ability in the Administration access Accept above-mentioned acquaintance in Across DeliveryHaving own administration approach will be added costlyCultural aberration Recommendations Change administration access & outsource administration ? Offer added sales agency to Agents ?Implementing Intensive action ?SWOT for PROMOTION StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats Promotion for aloof admonish the chump apperception appear Kandos brand. Beneath acquaintance of administration promotional attack in the called countriesThe use of latest technology to advance advertisementsMultinational Companies Promotional Account & accomplishment is actual competitive. The use of amusing media like facebook for online advertisingThe aerial costs to be spent for promotions in the called countries compared to Sri Lanka Read also: Reed Supermarkets: a New Wave of Competitors

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