Essay about Cause and Effect

Ashlee Bailey Professor Moore English 102 March 20, 2009 Writing Exercise Cause and Aftereffect Essay Back allotment what to do for your career you charge to accomplish abiding that is what you appetite to do. Once you accept absitively what career to go into, you again booty the appropriate classes for it. There are consistently causes that accomplish you adjudge what you do. In life, causes consistently accept an aftereffect of effect. In my activity abounding causes are in the authoritative of my aftereffect of my career. I accept absitively to accompany a career in the nursing field. Back I took nursing in aerial academy it helped me accessible my eyes to this acreage and I absolutely enjoyed it. Nursing additionally has so abounding opportunities in the nursing field. I additionally adore allowance people, and in this acreage you advice so abounding bodies every day. This acreage is additionally accepted for the aerial pay as well. My inferior and chief year in aerial academy I active up for nursing and got in. I absolutely enjoyed nursing my inferior year so my chief year I was in it all year as well. My chief year I did my clinicals at the nursing home in Vienna Illinois and I admired it. I absolutely adore allowance bodies and acutely this acreage is accepted for allowance people. Every time I helped one of the association out I consistently acquainted good. Abounding times the association don’t accept anyone abroad to allocution to besides the being that is allowance them. I absolutely enjoyed aggregate I abstruse during my nursing in aerial academy that I absitively to assignment at a nursing home alfresco of my clinicals. Once I got my CNA license. I absitively that I appetite to go further. So now I’m activity into the RN program. Some acceptance get into the nursing acreage aloof because of the money. Nursing is one of the accomplished advantageous jobs that you can get into in the atomic bulk of time. Anything in the nursing acreage has a aerial pay. Depending on what you adjudge to do your pay will alter from the boilerplate $9. 75 and up. For example, I am a CNA at a nursing home in Paducah and I get paid $9. 75 some places accord their CNA’s alone $7. 50. RN starting pay is $20. 00 and goes up as you accretion experience. Additionally back you assignment added hours or assignment back you are not appointed you get bifold time on your paycheck. In the nursing acreage there are so abounding opportunities. In nursing you can move your way up back you are working. For example, my acquaintance works at the hospital as a CNA and she wants to move up so they are allowance pay for her academy and allowance her with on the job training. Abounding times if you are alive at a hospital and appetite to move up in the medical acreage they will pay for your academy and additionally advice you with the training. As you can see there are so abounding opportunities in the medical field. You can additionally move to altered departments as a nurse. For example, if you are on the emergency attic and you appetite to move to the ICU attic they will assignment with you to move you to the altered floor. As you can see abounding causes advice you adjudge the aftereffect of what happens. Abounding causes accept the aftereffect of what I’m activity to do with the blow of my life. Back I was in aerial academy I begin nursing to be an absorbing career that I could see accomplishing as my career. Nursing additionally has so abounding opportunities to move up or go to altered departments. Additionally as a assistant you accomplish acceptable money depending on what annex of nursing you go into. In this acreage you get to advice bodies every day and possibly accomplish a aberration in their life.

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