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"l appetite to become the greatest architect in the world", said a 5 year old boy called Phone. That seemed to be a little dream of a adolescent which he would balloon soon. However, for 1 1 years back his saying, that boy had been still continuously afterward his dream. With arresting adeptness of science, Phone was accepted to the physics administration of HUSH High School for Gifted Students. In there, he got to apperceive about Nanning Technological university from a senior. Phone was actual afflicted by the way this university aggressive acceptance and its acutely aggressive educational environment. His adulation for .NET started then. Therefore, he challenged himself on the university access assay of .NET. Unfortunately, he was rejected. It was the actual aboriginal big abortion and Phone was acutely shocked. He abhorred anybody and became added reserved. However, his affection was greater than annihilation else. Phone bound overcame this grief, and started accepting knowledge, to accommodate himself accession adventitious in the afterward year. Len accession to accord in an acute A-level program, he additionally did not balloon to advance his bendable abilities and amusing ability by spending time on some extra-curricular activities such as cine making, volunteering ND actuality a artisan for some events. Thanks to his able alive method, Phone acquired a few bulk of achievements like acceptable an adolescence partner, and a blur ambassador of a advance group. Those experiences, which fabricated him added optimistic, sociable, amenable became acclaimed memories In his life. At this moment, back you are account this essay, Phone had succeeded In achievement of his capricious and had a abundant time afore acceptable a apprentice In his dream university. I accept that as continued as he maintains his passion, he can auspiciously pilot his own life.

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