Conflict Resolution at the St. Clare Hospital The St. Clare Hospital was founded in 1988. In the accomplished few years, the revenues accept alone steadily to a point area CEO James Edwards is because amount ascendancy to advance the organization’s basal line. Mr. Edwards understands physicians comedy a analytical role in authoritative cost, but they do not accept a abundant absorption in allied with him to sustain the activity of the hospital. Mr. Edwards decides to appoint Wendy Jones as the arch operating administrator and empower her to cut costs for the hospital. The aboriginal admeasurement taken by Ms. Jones is to outsource the estimation of imaging readings and blaze the radiologist Dr. Harris. By accomplishing so, the hospital would save $160,000 per year. However, afterwards two weeks, the hospital sees 18% blunder ante in outsourced account reports. The hospital ability face acknowledged liabilities from inaccurate readings. Mr. Edwards and Ms. Jones appetite to break with the plan to ascendancy costs, but the physicians are furious. The medical director, Dr. Wiseman, gathers all agents physicians to a alarm for action. Write a four-to six-page double-spaced cardboard (excluding appellation and advertence pages), acclamation the following: •Describe types of battle articular in this case. •Explain battle administration styles apparent in this case. •Propose a battle resolution action to be used. •Recommend strategies to abate amount and acknowledged liabilities. Including an addition and cessation paragraph, your cardboard charge be four to six double-spaced pages (excluding appellation and advertence pages) and formatted according to APA appearance as outlined

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