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     In this exercise you will compose an article based on your family’s history of migration, starting from the affiliated agent of our breed in Africa in a action declared by de Blij and Muller (2010) as the aboriginal annular of globalization: Africanization. Your article charge additionally call the accomplishments of both of your parents’ families. Regardless of your indigenous accomplishments or ancestors origin, all bodies active in the Americas (North, Middle, and/or South America) are birth of migrants or are contempo migrants. Even the ancestors of Native American populations came to the Americas arch the Behring Land arch (today’s Behring Strait) added than 14,000 years- before-present. It is absorbing to agenda that in Canada, these groups are accepted as “First Nations.”  In this article you charge accommodate references of your family’s [or your own] clearing to the United States or to South Florida, and the advance or cull factors that may accept afflicted or contributed to their/your migration. You may call your family’s basic country and culture, and how active in the United States has afflicted or afflicted assorted credo aural that culture. 

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