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 do 4 pages bifold spaced essay Midterm Question:  There is Only one continued question.  Drawing on the history and the bequest of Racism in the development of the U.S. in adjustment to absolve abuse and application specific examples from the readings as able-bodied as the films and chic discussion, amuse acknowledgment the afterward in a able-bodied anticipation out essay: What was the purpose of the architecture according to Howard Zinn and Dr. Carlos? What role and added importantly, purpose, did racism comedy in the development of the U.S.? How do The Ideology of White Supremacy and Primitive Accumulation action together? What was Racism acclimated to absolve and how was it used? How was the acknowledged arrangement as able-bodied as concrete abandon acclimated adjoin Native people, again Africans and again Mexicans? How is The Mexican American War and Manifest Destiny a continuing bequest of Primitive Accumulation? What acclimatized the war and what rights were Mexicans now residing in the new genitalia of the U.S. declared to have? How were Mexican Americans absolutely advised and for what purposes. What were the capital capacity affecting Mexican Americans now in the U.S. and why did they face these issues. What catchy role does the abstraction of citizenship comedy in the history and acquaintance of Chicanos in the U.S? (Be specific abnormally in commendations to examples to accomplish your point and back allotment the specific laws). In answering this article amuse accommodate specific examples from the readings, films, and lectures to accomplish your case. Ultimately I am allurement you to explain the purpose of the acknowledged structures that were actualize in the U.S. according to the affair of the chic and to appearance how and why? I am attractive for your adeptness to use all the accessible abstracts and accommodate me specific examples from the MANY you encountered in the assorted readings. You will be graded on your adeptness to affix assorted readings with the lectures and films. Amuse advertence area you are accepting your advice (no academic commendation necessary. Example: Zinn in the affiliate on Native Americans shows....)  Your article should be no beneath than 3 pages bifold spaced (good answers will be about 4, abundant answers will be 5 or more), 1 inch margins, distinct spaced branch and Times new roman font. Failure to attach to the architecture will aftereffect in point deductions. Pleas about-face appointment in as a WORD DOC or a PDF. Apple PAGES will not be accustomed or graded.  LATE EXAMS WILL BE PENALIZED. PLEASE EDIT AND SPELL CHECK YOUR EXAMS. reference blur link: 

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