Please booty a moment and accept to a admirable Tedtalk by Benjamin Zander afore proceeding added with this article question. The affair is classical music, and at one point the apostle asks the admirers to anticipate about addition who they admired that has died while alert to the allotment of music he plays.  This automatically initiates an affecting acknowledgment to the music because it is placed in context. An affecting acknowledgment by the eyewitness is one of the affidavit artists actualize art, music, and theatre.  An affecting acknowledgment is additionally the acumen why abounding admirers seek to acquaintance art - in adjustment to be moved, to feel. For this article question, allotment an affecting acknowledgment that you accept had to any allotment of art, music, or theatre. You don't charge to confine your beheld art alternative to adumbration from our textbook. What was the acumen for your affecting response? Did the academic qualities of the artwork admonish you of article from your past, for example? Please column images or links to music back possible.   Fichner-Rathus – Understanding Art, 11th Edition

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