Part A: California Tribes - Abbreviate Essay Select one California Indian association from the afterward list: The Chumash The Maidu The Miwok (Lake or Coast) The Yuma The Modoc The Kawaisu The Serrano The Cahuilla Research your called association application the text, University Library, the Internet, or alternative resources. Prepare an article of at atomic 350 words that addresses the afterward specific questions about your called California Indian tribe: Culture What were the tribe's airy beliefs? Social structures What types of adjustment and shelters were common? What types of aliment were about consumed, and how was it gathered? Geographic location What breadth of California was the tribe's predominate territory? Did the geographic area accept an aftereffect on amusing structure? Part B: Spanish Adjustment and Indian Assimilation Create a simple timeline assuming several milestones of Spanish access your called California Indian association from Part A. Prepare one- to two-paragraph, abbreviate answers to anniversary of the afterward accepted questions: What were some means the Spanish mission arrangement was effective? What were some means it was ineffective? Why did the Spanish accept the mission arrangement as their adjustment of assimilating built-in California Indians? What was the all-embracing aftereffect of the mission arrangement on the Indians? How able was the mission arrangement as a apparatus to digest your called Indian tribe? What was the access of the Franciscans on the backroom or adoration of your called tribe? Would you accede the analysis of the Indian tribes by the Franciscans beneath Father Junipero Serra atrocious and inhumane? Or, was Father Serra alone a archetypal 18th-century priest accomplishing what he anticipation was adapted and best in his analysis of the Indians? Format your appointment according to adapted course-level APA guidelines.

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