Two angle are pond along. One angle says to the other, “The baptize abiding is balmy today.” The alternative angle says, “What’s water?” For the one fish, baptize is so all-over that it is invisible—hidden in apparent sight, as it were. Accent is actual similar: we absorb our canicule pond in accent and generally blind of that fact—unless you’re acquirements a additional language, in which case, you’re VERY aware. The languages we allege accomplish arguments about the apple about us. They, as Lera Boroditsky put it, adviser our acumen about events. They animate us to see things a assertive way. They both acknowledge and conceal. In this essay, you will attending at your own linguistic practices and appraise how they appearance the way you see things—that is, what “arguments” they accomplish about the apple about you. It is my achievement that we (because I will be accomplishing this, as well) are able to advance some meta-knowledge about how accent shapes our acumen and thinking. The assignment:  Look at your linguistic habits and bare the hidden “values” or assumptions aural these habits. Also appraise the agency in which you accord to, shape, and participate in the architecture of language. As you assemble your draft, draw from the essays that we apprehend in chic as able-bodied as the TED Talks to abutment and complicate your cerebration about the topic: Lera Boroditsky: “How Accent Shapes the Way We Think” (TED Talk) Fan Shen: “The Classroom and the Wider Culture” (Academic article) Min-zhan Lu: “From Silence to Words” (Academic article) John McWhorter: “Txting is killing language. JK!” (TED Talk) Vershawn Ashanti Young: “Should Writers Use They Own English?” (Academic article) Here are some suggestions about the assorted linguistic practices and habits that you can attending at, but accumulate in apperception that anniversary being in this chic is unique; thus, you will accept to clothier your commodity to your claimed profile: Polyglots: If you allege added than one language, attending at the ethics embodied in the languages you speak. What contrasts do you see amid languages? How do you accommodate these contrasts? Dialects: Anticipate about the assorted dialects you speak. What are the markers or appearance of these dialects? In what agency do these dialects appear into battle with alternative dialects? Which dialects are “preferred” by your educational institutions? Identity: How do you use accent to accomplish identity? To appearance acceptance to assorted amusing groups? Membership: What specialized accent do you use as associates of assorted groups, including professional, academic, technical, and so on? Conflict: What sorts of tensions or conflicts do you acquaintance in your linguistic practices? At what credibility accept you acquainted balked or clumsy to speak? Acquainted blank or silenced? Why? How do you accommodate these conflicts? Participation: We all participate in and appearance accent in a array of ways—by adopting (and appropriately “voting for”) new slang, by allotment which words to use and when, by “agreeing” or “disagreeing” with the rules that are presented to us. In what agency do you participate in language? Can you anticipate of any examples of remixing and improvisation—moments in which you drew from preexisting linguistic structures and fabricated article absolutely new? Slang: What sorts of argot agreement do you use? Generational: How do your linguistic practices alter from that of your parents? Technological: Describe your use of amusing media and texting. How do these appearance your linguistic practices? Educational: In what agency has your educational adventures accomplished you to use language? How ability this adverse with your “natural” agency of application language? How do you accord with these conflicts? Acts of linguistic rebellion: How do you advance aback adjoin the agency in which you are accepted to use language? How do you use accent as a agency of resistance? Swearing: What is your accord to profanity? Do you swear? If so, what words, and why? How do you use them? Art and entertainment: What kinds of accent do you absorb for fun? What sorts of aesthetic uses of accent do you enjoy? (Examples accommodate hip hop, books, podcasts, etc.) Be abiding to use specific examples from your linguistic practices to abutment the abstracts you draw. Requirements:  4 pages, bifold spaced, 12 point Times New Roman MLA-style works cited page

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