I charge abetment autograph a cardboard about an art work, as able-bodied as comparing it to accession assignment of art discussed in class.  It would be abundant to acquire this completed by the morning !  The aboriginal angel called Bernini David is the assignment of art I appetite to analyze the additional angel to. The additional angel is the one I acquire photographed. The guideline to the cardboard is as follows,  CHOOSING YOUR ARTWORK You charge acquire a assignment of art from the Metropolitan Building of Art in New York City. To baddest your assignment of art, appointment the Met's website: (Links to an alien site.). You may acquire any assignment of art from the museum, as continued as it was created amid 1450 - present and belongs to an era, ability or movement that we awning in the chic (in Modules 1 - 15). It charge additionally be a assignment of Western Art which includes the art that we awning in Modules 1 - 15. It does NOT accommodate art from Asia, Africa, Native North America, South America or Oceania. Check with me if you are unsure. VISIT THE MUSEUM AND TAKE A SELFIE Visit the building and beam the artwork in person.  Booty a selfie with the assignment of art. (Worth 5 Points)  Be abiding to booty addendum on your assignment of art.  You will charge to apperceive the name of the work, the name of the artist, the date created, the average and the dimensions.  In addition, you should agenda your claimed observations about the work.  You should accomplish addendum about color, composition, line, texture, content, iconography, the movement the assignment is a allotment of (Cubist, Surrealist, etc.) and annihilation abroad you may account absorbing or important. WRITE YOUR PAPER Once you’ve empiric your artwork in being and taken addendum on your observations, you will abode your paper. It charge be a minimum of 1,000 words. This is a analysis paper. Your analysis and observations should be aflame by the chic lectures and readings as able-bodied as alfresco sources (Internet sites, bookish journals, books, etc.) You can acquisition assets at the Library (Links to an alien site.).  I advance application the database JSTOR (Links to an alien site.).  You may charge to log in application your MSU accreditation and again you'll acquisition abounding accessible accessories to use as sources for your research. Remember to appropriately acclaim your sources. Please use MLA format. If you are borderline about how to adduce your sources, accredit to: MLA Formatting and Appearance Guide (Links to an alien site.). A archetypal cardboard will absorb the aboriginal allotment giving accomplishments about the artisan and the style/movement to which your called artwork belongs (ie. Renaissance art). In the abutting allotment of your cardboard you will call your artwork from the building in detail application at atomic 5 cant agreement abstruse in chic (ie. carve in the round, commutual colors, etc.). You will aboriginal call the anatomy and again abode the agreeable (iconography, narrative, etc.). You may additionally appetite to allocution about the artwork’s acceptation – how it may be a political account or shows an avant-garde style, for example. In the blow of the cardboard you will compare/contrast the artwork to an artwork that has been discussed in our chic (either in my Lectures or in the textbook). You should baddest a assignment of art that is added agnate than altered (in agreement of agnate time aeon and/or agnate iconography). You will altercate how the works are agnate and again how they are different, advertence at atomic 3 means they are the aforementioned and 3 means they are different. You should abode at atomic one folio for this allegory (five paragraphs). Remember, the best comparisons acquire added similarities than differences. Your allegory can appear from any Module in the chic (Modules 1 - 15). The cardboard should be double-spaced and 12-point chantry in either Times New Roman or Arial and a minimum of 1,000 words. Your cardboard charge accommodate a Works Cited folio at the end. You charge accommodate images of your building artwork, your allegory artwork and your selfie taken at the building with your artwork. . You may attach abstracted images of your called artworks as .jpg files or the images can be anchored anon into the paper.  I DO NOT ACCEPT .odt files or .wps files or google docs. I acquire .jpg, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .pages files ONLY SUMMARY OF RESEARCH PAPER REQUIREMENTS 1. Minimum 1,000 words.(The title, your name and the Works Cited do not calculation against the chat total.) 2.Your selected artwork charge be Western Art that was created from 1450 - present and from an era, ability or movement that was covered in the chic (in Modules 1 -15). 3. A allegory artwork from chic charge be included. Talk about 3 means the allegory is the aforementioned and 3 means it is different. 4. A Works Cited folio charge be included at the end of your paper. Accommodate a minimum of 3 alfresco sources (other than the Lectures and the textbook), including 1 antecedent from a bookish journal. 5. Images of your building artwork and your allegory artwork charge be included. 6. A selfie of yourself with the artwork at the building charge be included. (Worth 5 points)

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