Sometimes a account (photograph) can be account a thousand words. Pictures/photographs can additionally deceive depending on the altitude beneath which they are taken or portrayed. Environmental acquiescence and administration depends on pictures from photographs to portray empiric abuse and actionable activity. They are acclimated as affirmation in administration cases including abounding alternative items such as water, clay and/or air samples, accounting log narratives and analysis reports.  Direction:  For this Assignment, abstraction the absorbed photos of credible abuse and acknowledgment the afterward questions for anniversary photo: 1.What media (ie. Surface water, groundwater, soil) is/are potentially actuality abnormally impacted? 2.Do you accept that the abuse is from a point antecedent or non-point antecedent of abuse and how would you actuate which? 3.What pollutants do you doubtable are complex and what are the abrogating impacts to the environment? 4.What abuse action ability be occurring? 5.How can this abuse be abated? Prevented?

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