Short papers:  Explain, adverse or analyze the accountable and do some analysis to aback up your account - 3-5 pages not including your name, class ID and attack information - single spacing, normal margins,  use 12 pt chantry Times New Roman- reference what isn't yours amuse application MLA citation- Failure to attach to the formating and folio breadth requirements requirements can beggarly a accident of up to 25 points. Subject:  One of the first able computer worms was the Morris Bastard in 1988.  How has computer aegis afflicted back that time?  Compared to this worm's infancy in 1988, what does computer aegis attending like today and how has in afflicted in appearance of todays threats and modern malware?  Please use examples, like the Morris bastard and Flame virus, and put these examples in an infograph as a abstracted addition from the minimum folio autograph requirements of this assignment. Below is an archetype of an infograph - amuse actualize your own based on your own analysis and allegation - accommodate what is cogent about the malware attack as able-bodied as the business appulse of anniversary of your examples. Here is a abode to start:  Cyber news (current attacks, breaches): SANS Cyber white papers:

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