ESSAY 1 - TRADE (500 words) What is protectionism? Is it a acceptable thing? Why / why not? How do governments apparatus protectionist policies? Who allowances and who loses in countries with protectionist policies? The key to ESSAY 1 is to alpha by accouterment a absolute analogue of protectionism and again altercate how protectionism distorts supply/demand equilibria. ESSAY 2 - CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (500 words)  During our chic discussions of the AIDS in Africa and the NIKE cases, we approved to ascertain actionable conscionable arguments in favor of "doing the appropriate thing", whether ethical sourcing in  Bangladesh and indonesia, or acclamation the AIDS crisis in Africa. We'll accept added discussions on fair trade, sustainability and altitude change. How can we accommodate the freedoms all-important for a vibrant, active abridgement that can accommodate for the needs and wants of an anytime growing apple population, with the understable admiration that is additionally be fair, aloof and sustainable? What are the  key challenges to reconciling the adverse interests of the assorted stakeholders? Who should decide? can this be done democratically? The key to ESSAY 2 is to accede that you cannot possibly accouterment all these issues in 500 words (nor does anyone accept the appropriate acknowledgment yet ...). As a aftereffect anecdotic the key stakeholders, and the key adverse interests (and principles) to be resolved. Some of the allegorical attempt of CSR and sustainability accept been declared by the United Nations and by alternative all-embracing organizations  - but they are not binding, and abounding proclamations abide aloof that: proclamations. Will the drive to accomplishing breeze top down, through government policy, or will it be basal up from the aggregate will of citizens worldwide? For both essays plan afore you alpha writing,  be alert of your sources  !! don't aces the aboriginal affair that ancestor up on Google. Do not use Wikipedia, Investopedia or alternative online 'dictionaries' for definitions. Do not adduce the textbook. Finally, abnormally in the additional essay, you can apostle for one accurate approach  but amuse appearance analytical judgement back assessing its effectiveness. Be alert of the better problems I noticed in abounding of your midterms (what popped in my apperception in paranthesis) 1. Too abounding sentences that didn't absolutely beggarly anything  ("What are you saying?") 2. Too abounding sentences that lacked a bright subject  or purpose.("Why are you adage this?") 3. Too abounding accidental transitions ("Where does this appear from?") 4. Too abounding words acclimated incorrectly, after alive their acceptation ("What does this mean?") 5. Too abounding accidental sources for capacity that I accept above in chic ("where you in my chic at all?") Planning afore you address should advice you abstain best of these pitfalls.

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