How abundant for a 5-7 folio essay?human actuality violence    Humanities 1101 Each apprentice will address a 5-7 pages cardboard application MLA architecture about a affair as it relates to Humanities. The affair suggestions are listed below. If you accept to do addition topic, it charge be approved.  The aboriginal footfall is to accept a affair and address a announcement and abide a bibliography. A announcement is one branch which identifies your topic, the apriorism statement, and why you chose this accurate topic. The bibliography is a account of 10 sources you plan to use already you activate to address y our paper. You can alone accept one website. All alternative sources charge be books, journals, newspapers, movies, magazines, etc. The bibliography charge be done by MLA format.  Information apropos MLA architecture will be included in this folder. Please attach to the rules apropos the architecture as it relates to MLA format.  Topics-These are accepted topics. Your job is to accept a affair and attenuated the affair to a apriorism account which should accommodate two to three acknowledging capacity which becomes your research.

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