Chapter 19: Kilgore Custom Milling 1. Assume that the administration aggregation has assassin you to admonish them on their all-embracing accident contour and has asked you to adapt a SWOT assay for their assay and as ascribe to the accessible cardinal planning session. What would you put into your analysis? Additionally, how does your assay affect the accident administration strategies that Kilgore ability accept to utilize? 2. What are the capital banking accident administration issues that Cathy and the blow of the administration aggregation at Kilgore charge to focus on? 3. What factors charge to be advised back amalgam banking accident administration into an action accident administration framework? Chapter 18: Blue Wood Chocolates 1. What are the affairs and after-effects for Blue Wood if it carries on the way it has been? 2. What are the capital challenges in developing and implementing a accident administration framework for Blue Wood? How does the buying anatomy affect these challenges? 3. If the aggregation is to advance a accident administration framework, who should advance the process? Should a Chief Accident Officer (CRO) be appointed? If so, to whom should he/she address and accept admission to? How could abate companies after the assets for a committed CRO accord with ERM? What is the role for the Board in such a process?

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