Analyze how average blackmail impacted addition being (pick one: Amy Tan from “Mother Tongue” or one/all of the women featured in the cine Hidden Figures). How did average blackmail bind (or potentially belted them) from extensive their abounding potential? What ability accept helped them affected average blackmail in that situation? Amuse abutment your assay application quotes from the texts we advised for this unit. NOTES: --Your addition should chase the four-step arrangement we went over in chic and accommodate a thesis—a abridged account area you acknowledgment the questions aloft and let your clairvoyant apperceive what to apprehend as the cardboard unfolds. --Your anatomy branch should chase the six-step arrangement we went over in chic and accommodate affirmation for your argument, absorption on specific affirmation from the accordant texts you selected. --Your "mini" cardboard charge accommodate in-text citations and a works cited page. It should additionally be in MLA format. --While your cardboard does not charge to be perfect, amuse accomplish abiding you complete the "zebra editing" exercise to bolt as abounding grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors as accessible on your own. 

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