Part 1:           In today’s world, best academy acceptance will own at atomic one cyberbanking device, such as a corpuscle phone. Many acceptance accept assorted cyberbanking devices. Microsoft Access includes a desktop Asset tracking arrangement that you can adapt to accumulate clue of your cyberbanking devices, such as corpuscle phone, MP3 player, and computer. Get calm with your accumulation and accomplish a account of the cyberbanking accessories that anniversary of you own. Use the desktop Asset tracking arrangement to actualize an Cyberbanking Assets database. Watch the video to apprentice how the database works. As a team, analysis the fields in the Assets table and adjudge which fields to accommodate in the database. Annul any exceptionable fields. Adjudge how you will call anniversary device, for example, will you use the appellation corpuscle phone, smartphone, or adaptable phone? Accept anniversary aggregation affiliate access at atomic two devices. Actualize a concern to acquisition one blazon of device, such as corpuscle phone. Part 2:           You fabricated several decisions while creating the Cyberbanking Assets database. Which fields did you adjudge to annul from the Assets table? What agreement did you use to call anniversary device? What was the account for these decisions? Requirements: Complete the activity in APA format Paper should accommodate at atomic 3 references Paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length

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