Here are the instructions for your Final Cardboard (there is no final assay in the course; this paper takes its place.) The Final Cardboard is account 100 points.  View Triangle Fire, the “American Experience” alternation documentary (53:47) about the Triangle Shirtwaist blaze that occurred in New York City in 1911. (We will allocution about how to admission the chargeless documentary--which takes alone a few abnormal to do--in class. I will additionally column addition bulletin about how to admission the film.) This was a seminal event, impacting how the American accessible perceived the behavior of employers, and alteration basal attitudes against workers, abounding of whom were blurred immigrants. Imagine that you were an alternate agent at the branch above-mentioned to the blaze of 1911. What were altitude like in the factory? Would you accept agitated for better workplace conditions? Would acknowledging baby changes in the behavior of your administration accept presented any risks to you? How accept attitudes against workers afflicted back the fire? Do you anticipate workers feel added empowered today than they did a aeon ago? Are workers added admired and admired by the American people?  Compose a bristles (5) page-long cardboard in which you abode these questions. You are chargeless to abode alternative issues, too, but the questions above MUST be answered. Also, amuse agenda that for this assignment, you will about certainly need to conduct some analysis of your own. If you use that analysis in your paper, you charge adduce the sources you consulted. Amuse do so application APA formatted citations. I appetite to accent this point about your cardboard and its contents: I am absorbed in YOUR thoughts and ideas, not those of historians, bloggers, or alternative commentators. I do not appetite to see diffuse excerpts of the assignment of alternative bodies in your paper, or diffuse references to their thoughts. And I apprehend your assignment to be absolutely in your own words. The Final Cardboard charge be typed, double-spaced, and use a standard, 12 pt. chantry such as Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman. You should also use standard, one-inch margins. It is not all-important to do a appellation page, admitting that accommodation is up to you. 

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