Before you activate autograph your assay essay, amuse apprehend the afterward articles: For added information, actuality are some links that you may appetite to review: Elements of analysis Organizing your analysis Sample articulate assay For the assay you will charge to baddest ONE article from the arbiter (or the account of acquaint readings begin in the course) for this assignment. Length:  900 words (minimum) Source:  One belligerent article from the textbook.  No alternative sources may be acclimated - this is a bound analysis. Papers that use alternative sources will accept a zero.  Both in-text citations and a works cited folio will be needed.  The works cited folio will alone account the arcane assignment that you analyzed in your essay.  Amuse use accepted 8th copy MLA architecture back documenting your source.  Refer to for advice on how to adduce your source.  Format: Double spaced.  Use MLA appearance affidavit for both in-text citations and the works cited entry.  The cardboard needs to be accounting in third person.  Use present verb tense. Use abbreviate absolute quotes to abutment your ideas. No added than 10% of the cardboard may be absolute quotes. Baddest quotes anxiously as they should be acclimated to abutment your account rather than pad your paper.  For this article you will analyze/examine whether the columnist is presenting an able argument.  Some things to consider: What is the capital point that the columnist is presenting? Does the apriorism acutely announce the capital point? How has the columnist accurate the capital point? What types of sources or references does the columnist use?  Are these sources advised reliable?  What affirmation is there in the arcane assignment that you see as compelling? Is the columnist convincing?  Why or why not? Does the columnist present biased information? In your article you will charge to acutely analyze the appellation of the arcane assignment and columnist in the addition of your analysis.  Your addition additionally needs to accept a angle that captures the reader's attention. The addition will additionally analyze the appellation of the arcane assignment and accord the abounding name of the author.  The cardboard needs to accept a bright apriorism to announce the focus of your analysis.   You will charge to accommodate at atomic one abbreviate absolute adduce per anatomy branch - this helps to authorize a able affiliation amid your account and the assignment itself. Able transitions are additionally important as they advice to move the clairvoyant from one point to the next.  Before you alpha the article booty addendum over what you accept read.  Highlight and annotated the arcane work.  In an assay back you highlight and comment it is the aforementioned as acquisition advice from sources back autograph a analysis paper. You may accede your account accurate as continued as you can abutment those account with affirmation from the arcane work.  Learning Objectives: Analyze, interpret, and appraise a array of texts for the ethical and analytic uses of evidence. Write in a appearance that acutely communicates meaning, builds credibility, and inspires acceptance or action. Apply the conventions of appearance manuals for specific bookish disciplines (e. g., APA, CMS, MLA, etc.

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