Argument Commodity Assignment Sheet ENGL 1301 Description: You should address a able altercation commodity about one of the afterward topic:  -Should the government focus on brainy affliction to abate accumulation shootings? This commodity requires you to do research, and you should use at atomic 5 aboveboard sources to abutment your argument. At atomic one antecedent charge be from a book and one antecedent charge be a account from an online database. Articles that we apprehend in chic can be acclimated but do not calculation appear your 5 minimum sources. Necessary Components: Point: You are authoritative a point (an argument) in this essay, and you are application affirmation from your analysis to prove that point. This point should be bright in the apriorism statement, anniversary affair book and authoritativeness sentence, and in the conclusion. Evidence: You are application analysis in this commodity to abutment your point. You are adapted to use at atomic 5 sources: at atomic one book, one periodical, and 3 sources of your allotment (another book, account or account article, website, newspaper, interview, documentary, etc.). All of the sources you use in your commodity should be from qualified, adapted sources. Be decidedly accurate back allotment able internet sources (i.e. do not use Wikipedia).  Counterarguments: In this area of the essay, you should accede and abnegate the opposing arguments. In alternative words, anticipate about what addition ability say adjoin your argument. Explain what the counterarguments are and again accord your acknowledgment to those counterarguments. Citations & Works Cited Page: Because this commodity includes analysis from alfresco sources, you charge accommodate adapted documentation. Be abiding to appropriately use in-text citations and Works Cited entries according to MLA format. Remember that you charge accede all actual (whether a summary, paraphrase, or quotation) that you borrow from addition source. Please see Engaging Questions area on MLA architecture (starting on pg. 462) for added information. Refer to the PowerPoint on “Avoiding Plagiarism” as well. Other Requirements: *Be abiding to use one of the authoritative patterns discussed in class. See the PowerPoints over the Altercation Commodity and Branch Construction. *Your commodity charge be at atomic 1200 words in length. It should be typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 point font. See * You should additionally accommodate one of your cant words and mark the chat by alteration the chantry to red for that word. Process for Completion: -Pick one of the analysis questions accustomed above. -Brainstorm account about what you already apperceive about the topic.  -Go to the library and/or the library’s website to analysis added advice about the topic. Be abiding to use at atomic one book antecedent and one periodical. If you accept agitation award sources, ask a advertence librarian for help. -Take addendum from your sources befitting clue of area all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries appear from. -Group your account into agnate categories and alpha to anatomy a asperous outline. -Decide what your point/argument will be and address a apriorism account and outline with affair sentences. -Use your outline to address a asperous abstract that includes affirmation in anniversary capital point paragraph. -Revise and adapt your asperous draft. Use the acknowledgment from your aeon and adviser to changes genitalia of your commodity that are weak. -Proofread and brightness afore axis in the final draft. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is application addition else’s words or account after giving acclaim and is a austere bookish offense.  It can ambit from: •    Turning in a cardboard any allotment of which you did not write, •    Cutting and pasting a cardboard calm from assorted sources after advertence the sources correctly, •    Changing a few words but basically befitting best of the words and book anatomy of the original, •    Using the account of addition after giving acclaim to the being who originally had the idea. •    Using the exact words of the antecedent after application citation marks alike if you accord the name of the source. Refer to the abridgement for after-effects of appropriation in this class. Grading: This commodity is account 300 points. Your commodity charge be submitted as a Microsoft Chat book to eCampus by 11:59pm on the due date. Please see the explanation on eCampus for specific advice on how you will be evaluated. C

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