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  Interest Groups in Texas Appointment - Minimum Wage The United States has a minimum allowance law prohibiting any employer from advantageous beneath than $7.25 per hour. Abounding states - and alike some alone cities - accept set bounded minimum accomplishment college than the federal level. Texas has declined, befitting our state's minimum allowance the aforementioned as in federal law. Earlier this year, Accompaniment Representative Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) filed H.B. 290 (Links to an alien site.) to accession the Texas minimum allowance in stages, extensive $10.10 by 2024. The Center for Public Policy Priorities, a left-leaning advancement organization, supports adopting the Texas minimum allowance aloft the federal level. They altercate that low-skill workers' pay has not risen at the aforementioned amount as their amount of active - decidedly for housing. The Texas Restaurant Association represents restaurants - ample and baby - throughout Texas. They accept argued that adopting minimum accomplishment aloft the calm akin for unskilled workers agency that abounding of the best accessible workers will lose their jobs as companies acquisition means accomplish do with beneath of them. Self-service checkout curve in grocery food are an archetype of what happens back accomplishment acceleration aloft the accustomed akin set by the market. For your assignment, abode our accepted 2 - 5 folio article with three specific sections. 1. If you were apery the Center for Public Policy Priorities at a lobbyist, what would you do to advice canyon Rep. Thompson's bill? 2. If you were apery the Texas Restaurant Association as a lobbyist, what would you do to change or defeat the bill? 3. If you were a accompaniment legislator, how would you accord with these aggressive interests? What advice would you want, and how would you appearance the issue?  Submit in Word. Cite your sources. Note: This is an article about absorption groups and what they do. Tell me what you would do in anniversary of these three roles. Do not absorb your article cogent me what you anticipate about the minimum allowance issue. Resources Here's the Center for Public Policy Priorities: (Links to an alien site.) Here's the Texas Restaurant Association: (Links to an alien site.) Here's H.B. 290: (Links to an alien site.) The Texas Tribune talks about Texas' abhorrence to abode this issue: (Links to an alien site.) Here's a CPPP position cardboard on this affair from 2015: (Links to an alien site.) The Hill News explains some of the problems with adopting the minimum wage: (Links to an alien site.) The University of Washington has begin that Seattle's college minimum allowance as aching workers: (Links to an alien site.) The Nation Magazine disagrees: (Links to an alien site.) A University of California-Irvine abstraction finds accurate problems in poor neighborhoods: (Links to an alien site.) PreviousNext  

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