essay 2

 Your responses charge to be 4 - 5 paragraphs anniversary (1 to 1 1/2 folio per catechism (word calculation 550-650). Your responses MUST accommodate 3-4 arbiter citations (section/page citations), 2-3 alfresco scholarly journal citations ( APA format), and bibliography.  For your final exam: Select two of the afterward questions and address a FORMAL, FIVE PARAGRAPH essay. Anniversary addendum is account 50 (100 Total) 3. Are there too abounding structures and restrictions in religions, or do religions action freedoms and choice? Justify by analytical any two world religions advised this semester. Religion article Rubric  Formatting: Introduction: Overview of addendum Topic/Content: (10 points) Body: Explanation/Details/thoroughness of presentation:  (15 points) Ttextboook  (3- 4 citations):  (10 points) Outside bookish journals (2 -3 account sources): (10 points) Conclusion/bibliography : (5 points) ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC IN ATTACHED FILES THE RELIGION IS ISLAM

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