Assignment #1   Note- USE IRAC architecture for your case brief Brief the Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., 248 N.Y. 339, 162 N. E.99 (1928)  case on Page 128 of your arbiter (Example of an IRAC case abrupt is in Appendix A)   Correct citations are binding in all of your accounting assignments. If you are commendation a acknowledged resource, such as a case, use the able acknowledged citations and if a non-legal source, again use APA commendation format. See Blackboard assets listed for APA commendation information.   IRAC Case Abrupt Information We accept accomplished conference cases in class. When you adapt a accounting IRAC abrupt actuality is what you are anecdotic about the case. At the top is the name of the case and its citation. You appetite the name of the case and adduce for the appellate cloister it is in (that is the case you are briefing) Facts: A actual abbreviate and blunt description of the pertinent facts of the case.   Issue: The acknowledged catechism afore the appellate cloister in the case you are briefing.   Rule: The acknowledged aphorism the lower cloister activated in authoritative its accommodation about the case in that lower court. Analysis: How the appellate court, in the case you are briefing, analyzed the case in that appellate court. Conclusion:   What was the acknowledged accommodation the appellate cloister reached? (Don't call procedure-like antipodal and remanded-that is procedure, not the accommodation about the acknowledged issue)this will chronicle aback to the acknowledged affair afore the court. That is it. Be abiding you put your name on the IRAC abrupt you adapt for the Palsgraf case that is acquaint above.

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