W5  Article Prompt For this essay, analysis the Writing and Formatting Your Article certificate and the Basic Rubric. Also, amuse analysis my notes/comments in antecedent essays afore appointment this assignment. Accomplishing so will advice you abstain repeating accomplished mistakes. 1. Read a few aboveboard online accessories on the assigned prompt:   Should the university accept the appropriate to appearance or adviser what acceptance are accomplishing on university-owned computers? 2. Take a stand:  The university should (or should not)  accept the appropriate to appearance or adviser what acceptance are accomplishing on university-owned computers.  Keep your apriorism simple. 3. Decide on two bright affidavit to abutment your thesis. Write your affidavit as complete sentences, not as phrases and not as questions. 4. Write a well-developed article (750 words min) 5. Include the following: Title for the essay Introductory branch that begins with a angle and ends in an accent apriorism statement Two anatomy paragraphs that anniversary activate with an accent affair book with cited sources not beyond 20%. A conclusion Works Cited page* *References note: Use a minimum of 2 authoritative, aboveboard online sources to abutment your argument, and adduce at atomic 1 antecedent in anniversary anatomy paragraph. Each adduce should be alien in the argument with a arresting phrase: let the clairvoyant apperceive in beforehand whom you are commendation and the ambience of the source. All sources should be accurately cited in the argument application parenthetical citations area needed, and anniversary antecedent should be included in a Works Cited (MLA) area at the end of the document, afterward guidelines consistently. Do not adduce sources in the anatomy of the article with Internet addresses (URLs), nor alone use a URL for the advertence at the end of the document.  Remember 20% commendation allowance and accord acclaim area it is due. 

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