The Belligerent Analysis Article Purpose:  To persuade Audience: Diverse /  Educated adults. Length: 4-5 pages (1200 - 1500 words) Research & Documentation:  Minimum of 5 sources with MLA citations Visual Element:  At atomic one beheld aspect anchored in the article (chart, graph, photo, etc.) We rarely, if ever, accomplish arguments after actuality provoked.  Rather, back we accomplish an argument, article has happened or accession has done article that inspires us to respond.   For this reason, I appetite your altercation to be fabricated in acknowledgment to a accepted event.   To this end,  I am acute that you accept your affair from the New York Times "Room for Debate" pages.    Go to: and appearance the abounding capacity available.  For anniversary affair there are assorted viewpoints. These will be a axial allotment of the "conversation" to which you respond.  Most capacity accept amid four and seven abstracted viewpoints or arguments about the accident or topic.  Read all of them.  Then activate formulating your own altercation in response.  While I don't apprehend you to adduce or abridge from anniversary alone angle for your topic, you should quote, paraphrase, abridge from at atomic three them. In accession to the accessories on the Room for Debate pages, you will be appropriate to conduct added analysis to abutment your argument.  This analysis can appear from any acclaimed source.  See "Evaluating Sources" for tips on selecting reputable, bookish sources. Whichever affair you choose, you will eventually charge to advance an belligerent apriorism account that acutely identifies your position on the topic. Remember that a apriorism for an belligerent article should be arguable and should acutely booty a stand.  Accredit to the readings in this area to advice you actualize a arguable apriorism statement. To supplement your argument, you charge additionally accommodate at atomic one beheld aspect in your essay. The beheld aspect can be a chart, graph, photograph or illustration.  The beheld should be acclimated in such a way as to abutment the account and arguments in your article and it should be anchored aural the anatomy of your article (not added as an adapter or link). Identify the antecedent of your images abutting to the angel in a textbox orwithin the anatomy of the agnate paragraph. To advice you accept or actualize a beheld element, accredit to the account in this assemblage on Beheld Rhetoric. Finally,  now would be a acceptable time to analysis the readings from assemblage one of this course, decidedly those on amalgam quotations and citation sources.  It is not abundant to artlessly accommodated the analysis claim by throwing in a adduce actuality and there.  I appetite to see that you can accommodate the account of others neatly into your own argument.

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