Your belligerent article will be on an ecology affair from the account of options below. Consider your admirers for this cardboard to be your peers. The article should be amid 3 ½ and 4 pages (850 to 1,000 words) in length, not including the awning page, abstract, or advertence page. It should be bifold spaced in Times New Roman 12 point chantry and charge include: An introduction, a minimum of 3 anatomy paragraphs, and a conclusion a acutely articulate apriorism that states the claim, position, or attitude that your article will prove in the addition to your paper 4 cited sources, at atomic 2 of these sources should appear from the MDC databases At atomic 4 quotes from your sources Topic sentences that focus the altercation in the anatomy paragraphs Examples, details, and explanations, and alternative researched affirmation in the anatomy paragraphs that acutely abutment the affirmation of your thesis Counterarguments and refutations that appearance you accept the complication of your altercation and can accurately accede the angle of the action and abnegate them Clear access amid account from branch to branch and aural paragraphs (coherence) Proper APA appearance architecture in the awning page, in the abstract, in the in-text citations, and in the Advertence folio (see the arrangement and advisory video for creating the APA format) Reference folio advertisement a minimum of four sources Standard usage, grammar, and mechanics TOPIC  Are electric cartage bigger for the environment? 

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