How is the Texas Constitution changed? As you've apprehend in your text, changes to the Texas Constitution are proposed by the accompaniment legislature, but can alone be accustomed by a majority vote in a statewide election. In 2017, voters adopted all seven amendments proposed by the accompaniment legislature. In 2019, legislators proposed ten amendments for aborigine application aftermost month. The aboriginal one, Proposition 1, attempted to break a botheration for some baby Texas towns that accept agitation award anybody to serve as borough cloister judge. The Texas Constitution (Article 16, Sec. 20) about prohibits a being from captivation added than one  paid accessible appointment at the aforementioned time - which seems like a acceptable idea. There is a account of exceptions for assertive offices such as agent accessible (which, technically, is an appointed accompaniment office), as able-bodied as for associates of the aggressive and the reserves, etc. A few years ago, they added an barring for appointed borough cloister board in baby towns area there may not be abounding attorneys accommodating to serve. This barring would acquiesce one being to serve as a borough cloister adjudicator in several adjacent baby towns - apparently aloof administering cartage cloister for an hour or two every brace of weeks in anniversary town. Some cities, however, accept their borough cloister judges, and those adopted board are not covered by this exception. This year, legislators absolutely accustomed H.J.R. ("House Joint Resolution") 72, to extend the more-than-one-city barring to adopted borough cloister judges. Write a 2 -5 folio (double-spaced, accustomed chantry and margins, cited sources, etc.) commodity about Proposition 1. Make abiding you commodity tells your reader: 1. How this got to on the election (Talk a little about H.J.R. 72 and its advance through the Abode and Senate). 2. What it was advised to do. 3. Who seemed to be in favor and against. 4. What abeyant problems could this create, if any? 5. How would you accept voted on this if you had been a accompaniment legislator? 6. How did you vote (or how would you accept voted) on this as a aborigine aftermost November? 7. What did voters adjudge about the proposal, and why do you anticipate they fabricated that decision? Submit in Word (.docx). Cite your sources. Additional Resources Here's H.J.R. 72: (Links to an alien site.) Here's the Abode Research Organization address on H.J.R. 72 that legislators saw back the resolution came to the Abode attic for a vote: (Links to an alien site.) Here's the HRO address on all the proposed amendments on aftermost month's ballot: (Links to an alien site.) The Houston Chronicle had a abrupt commodity about the aftereffect of the election: (Links to an alien site.) Here's a acceptable assay of all of this year's proposed amendments from the Texas Legislative Council:

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