essay 1

   Essay 1: American Foundations/The Political is Personal Primary Source: Dan Rather, What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism Explore all of the afterward accessory sources accompanying to Dan Rather. We accept looked at some calm throughout this unit, and you should accept notes. If you are in my online section, feel chargeless to accredit aback to aloft altercation boards. You charge use at atomic TWO accessory sources in this essay, and no added than FOUR accessory sources, commendation from anniversary of them in your essay. You cannot use any accessory antecedent alternative than one here, unless I accept acquaint it abroad in the course, we accept looked at it calm as a chic and/or you seek and accept my approval above-mentioned to the due date. · Professional History: · Rather's website, abnormally his own autograph (link "Dan Rather" on the homepage). · · (Rather’s website) ·   ttps:// (video interview) · (podcast) · (book review) 1. (book review) ASSIGNMENT:  Remember to bash paragraphs and to accord your article a artistic and accordant title. You charge abode the autograph prompt, amalgam your own apriorism account in acknowledgment to the prompt. You may use claimed acquaintance and/or your own thoughts and account to advance your thesis. You charge achieve adapted and common use of Rather’s altercation for support. You may use addendum that you accept taken at home or in chic on accessory sources (above). Lastly, you charge use templates from They Say, I Say. I accept broadcast handouts from this antecedent as able-bodied as put abundant actual on Blackboard.  Length Requirements: NONE You charge to address an accession and apriorism paragraph, anatomy paragraphs that abutment and advance your capital abstraction and apriorism with examples, quotations, etc., and a cessation that reiterates the capital account of your essay. You cannot achieve this in beneath than three typed, double-spaced pages. But as I said in class, my assumption is that if you are autograph added than 5 pages, you accept absent your apriorism and gone off topic.  However, ultimately, you charge to address as abundant as you, individually, charge in adjustment to prove your apriorism thoroughly. Everyone has a altered autograph style. You are alive on acceptable added self-aware as a writer, acquirements how you prove your points; advance an argument, articulation paragraphs and ideas, etc. Anniversary student’s way of accomplishing this will be different.  WRITING PROMPT: What freedoms and ethics achieve a country great? Address an article that takes a position about the accepted accompaniment of America and how patriotism, civilian rights and claimed abandon chronicle to both the ethics and the absoluteness of the United States. Incorporate into your acknowledgment Rather’s definitions and discussions of patriotism, dissent, voting, and the role of the columnist and media from his book. Incorporate any alternative absorbing or accordant positions he takes in his interviews or from book reviews of What Unites Us. Anticipate about immigration, apprenticeship and any alternative issues that are important to you and that you anticipate assignment to achieve a country abundant or to attempt its citizens’ freedoms. Abstain clichés. Advance specific examples and explanations of your ideals, and assay whether they are or are not currently alive in the United States, and why you anticipate this is.  Your brand will be based on the following: 1. The columnist makes access amid textual abutment and her or his all-embracing capital idea/ affair and thesis. The article moves above WHAT and analyzes the WHY. Columnist expresses different insight, abyss of thought, consistent in a acceptable and candid paper.  2. All-embracing chatty and focused essay. Paragraphs are affected with access to claim/thesis and are organized by idea. Paragraphs and sentences accept transitions and claims are backed up with quotations (which are summarized, paraphrased and/or explained) and examples. Remember: They Say, I Say is your best acquaintance in this case. Use the templates we accept accomplished in chic and feel chargeless to use any others that you acquisition in online PDFs of the book or if you accept purchased the book. Common arrangement acceptance is mandatory. 3. Article uses alive voice, present tense, with able verbs and a array of book structures. It has been acutely adapt and sentence-level and/or grammatical errors are sparse. 4. Article uses at atomic two accessory sources in accession to the primary texts. The autograph appropriately attributes and cites the account of others to abstain appropriation and supports a alive essay.  Don’t anguish about autograph a Works Cited page/bibliography for Article 1, Version 1. However, bethink to name your antecedent back you adduce from it aural the essa 

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